Busy, Busy, Busy

I have just spent the last four hours putting together a presentation for tomorrow nights meeting of the Melton Sustainable Living Group. Not a big chore really, just time consuming. The presentation is called “Saving Money with Energy Efficiency”. I describe how to go about doing your own basic energy audit and how to take basic steps to reduce your bills. It ended up being about 38 slides so I hope that I don’t induce death by PowerPoint! I will post it up tomorrow so that everyone can use it as a guide/resource.

Kim was nice enough to bring me coffee when I needed it and a nice bowl of icecream to keep me focused. I am looking forward to the meeting. We are also going to discuss our first project. I don’t quite know what that is going to be, but I think a brainstorming session will be required to nut it out. Everyone needs to feel like they own a little piece of the decision, or otherwise I find they will not buy into the final plan. It has to be something simple, but high impact, and something that will raise awareness in the community about sustainable living.

What do you think? Do you have any small projects that you think will suit a group like ours? I am open to suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment.


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    Hi everyone, thanks for all you wonderful suggestions. We settled on a mini permablitz, approaching local schools first then other local groups like old aged homes etc. Also investigating council land for a community fruit & nut orchard.

    With only 5 members turning up, it is hard to start something big!


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    Oops! of course you should start a seedsavers group.
    All of us over at Hills and Plains seedsavers blog would agree that there is no better way to meet like minded folk, have fun, grow healthy gardens and “people” than saving and sharing seeds.

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    We have a sustainability group here, one of things they did was a permablitz. They went round to a member’s house and spent the weekend setting up a permaculture garden. They invited a local news crew along to do a story on it. The story reached areas from the Sunshine Coast to Gladstone and out West.

    You could set up a stall at a local market under a Melton Sustainable Living Group banner. You’d be able to sell excess produce from your gardens, your cheeses or anything else that members grow, make, bake etc. It well broaden people’s awareness and they’ll alo be buying locally.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  4. Margo says

    How about planning for a seed bank? A session on seed saving and/or how to grow your own? Making wicking boxes (good for renters or those in appartments) plus they are also a great way to garden with water restrictions.

    – a ‘track your electricity’ challenge – reading the meter to get a baseline and then trying to reduce and see how you go – I think Rhonda Jean posted something in this on her website

    – it’s not a project but how about a film night – you could show something like Power of Community which is a great positive film about good things that can come from ‘crisis’, with an emphasis on community and urban food growing

    – a bulk-buying co-op?

    OK, I’ll stop now :) Good luck with it!

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    I think it would be great to plant a tiny veggie garden somewhere in Melton, near a library or school.
    Even a big pot with plants and the name of your group.

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