If It Was Easy, Every Town Would Have One!

I had a weird end to my day yesterday. I couldn't get the thought out of my head that our sustainable living group is floundering due to lack of interest. I know it is not so, but sometimes I wonder......Last night we had our normal scheduled meeting, well advertised in advance, managed to get a room in the local community hall, and would you believe that only four other dedicated members turned   [Continue Reading …]

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have just spent the last four hours putting together a presentation for tomorrow nights meeting of the Melton Sustainable Living Group. Not a big chore really, just time consuming. The presentation is called "Saving Money with Energy Efficiency". I describe how to go about doing your own basic energy audit and how to take basic steps to reduce your bills. It ended up being about 38 slides so   [Continue Reading …]

Dreaming of Greening


My main post for this evening is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op where I have a rant about taking the first step towards being green.It is titled "Dreaming of Being Green".  I hope you can make your way over there and check out my essay.  I think you will like it!Gavin   [Continue Reading …]

Emmantal (Swiss Cheese)

Remember back to the post where I told you about the Propioni Shermanii culture that I bought from Green Living Australia.Well last weekend I used it in my first batch of Emmantal cheese.  Emmantal is a unique type of swiss cheese that has large holes or "eyes" as they are known distributed throughout the cheese.I didn't take any pictures during the making session, but be assured the   [Continue Reading …]

Foodie Sunday


Home baking is the best!Kim got stuck into making a few yummy things in the kitchen whilst I was working in garden planting an apricot tree and a nectarine tree.  We now have 10 fruit trees in the front yard which from now on in is designated as "The Orchard".So what did Kim make?  Well, first she baked an Almond slice with a home-made plum jam base.  She made the shortcrust pastry base from   [Continue Reading …]

Caerphilly is the Shiznit


The jury has considered its verdict and the verdict is good. Caerphilly cheese is one fantastically tasty creation. It has a rind that is about 5mm thick and it tastes divine. There is a little white and blue mould bloom on the surface which I think is a bit of cross contamination from when I was making 2 cheeses at once or from the cheese cave, but no matter because it adds to the exquisite   [Continue Reading …]

Earth Song

Love him or loath him, Michael Jackson struck a chord with me well after he released the Earth Song. I first saw the video clip just after my green epiphany in 2006, even though the song was released in 1995 on the HIStory album. I missed it because my head was swimming with conspicuous consumer thoughts at the time and it was the year I got divorced from my first wife. A pretty ordinary time   [Continue Reading …]

Home Giveaway Winners!


After much deliberation, I have chosen, not one, not two, but three winners! I couldn't help myself, and the movie is just so good.Heather @ Tenderbreak Permaculture Farm - for such a great plea, checklist of reasons and the passion to win the movie.Nevyn @ Nevyn's Place - for doing extra research and being such a great help.Sarah - for suggesting that it could be a chain film so that lots of   [Continue Reading …]

Home Revisited

Nevyn posted a comment on the Home post I did with a link with more information. Thanks Nevyn, because after a bit of French translation and some digging around, this is what I found.The movie home was a joint project between Luc Besson and Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Now apparently the reason why the movie was removed from YouTube was that Luc did not want the movie being distributed for free, where   [Continue Reading …]

Kev’s Patch – Rejected!

Here is a letter that I received from the Prime Ministers office about the Kev's Patch Campaign that a few other bloggers and I are involved in. It is a resonable facimile with only my address being omitted.Australian GovernmentDepartment of the Prime Minister and CabinetONE NATIONAL CIRCUIT BARTONReference:C09/3236515 July 2009Dear Mr GavinThank you for your letter of 4 June 2009 to the Prime   [Continue Reading …]


Last night, I watch the most beautiful yet disturbing documentary simply called "Home". It is about our home, The Earth, and what mankind has managed to do to it in a very short space of time since we have begun to use fossil fuels. By the end of the movie I had a tear in my eye. The entire movie is shot with aerial photography and the cinematography is second to none. The script is   [Continue Reading …]

Chook House Renovation


Due to the exploding population of sparrows who are determined to make good use of the food we supply our chickens, Kim and I decided that it was time to make the chook house sparrow proof.  I swear that we now have 4 chickens and about 50 sparrows living in the back yard!We had some spare reed screening in big rolls left over from when the back fence was replaced so decided to put it to good   [Continue Reading …]

A Sorry State of Affairs


What is our society coming to? After reading this headline today, I felt that I had just walked into the twilight zone.Aussies can't live without mobiles: pollAnd that is not all. Apparently out of the 1001 people surveyed, 61% said they can't live without their credit and debit cards. Are we really that addicted to plastic and endless credit? I know it is convenient to use Electronic Funds   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Goodies

Today, my parcel of cheese goodies arrived from Green Living Australia that I ordered only four days ago.I ordered another café thermometer so that I don't cross contaminate the second batch of cheese if I am making a mould cheese and a hard cheese at the same time. Up until now I have had to sterilise the one I had every time I wanted to check the temp of the other pot. A bit of a pain, but all   [Continue Reading …]

Caerphilly Cheese


Yearning for a cheese that would be on the table quickly, I chose Caerphilly this week. It has Welsh origins, and is a lightly pressed cheese that ripens in 3 weeks. Here is a bit of history about Caerphilly from Wikipedia; Caerphilly cheese is a hard, white cheese that originates in the area around the town of Caerphilly in Wales, although it is now also made in England, particularly in the   [Continue Reading …]

Pickled Limes

Pickled limes fermenting

A friend of mine at work had an excess of limes, so the time was right to make this wonderful version of pickled limes. I decided to make one of my favourite condiments that I normally serve with one of my home-made curry dishes Now if you are going to make this, be warned. In winter it take for ages to pickle in the jar, however I dare say that in summer it would only take a week as suggested   [Continue Reading …]

Drum roll please…….


I have decided to keep the blog with the same format. I think that it was Geoff's comment in the last post that helped clear my mind. Making stuff at home is the ultimate expression of sustainable living, and if that has not been the journey I have been travelling on, then you must be reading the wrong blog. The comment was so well written I have decided to repeat it here. If you want to see   [Continue Reading …]