Sustainably Living it Large

Of late there has been lots of action at TGOG’s house.  Over the last week we have;

  • Planted 4 dwarf fruit trees (2 apple, 2 pear) in the front orchard with ag-pipe buried in each hole to prepare for summer,
  • Made Parmesan for the first time last Friday night,
  • Made Yoghurt Cheese on Saturday,
  • Made Goats milk Feta on Sunday (got the milk for $1.80 a litre, bargain!),
  • Made 5 Jars of Orange & Lime Marmalade,
  • Cleaned out the Chicken Run,
  • Put the muck from the chicken run into a garden bed, and
  • Inspected each chicken for mites/lice (that was fun).

And my solar panels were on TV again last night on Today Tonight (no video unfortunately).  Another pretty good feature on Climate Change and the Green Mafia (heavy polluters) and how they have the power and money to lobby the government for as long as they like.  After all it is in their best interest.

But best of all, we had the last of the first Wensleydale wheel with a nice Pinot Noir and homemade wholemeal bread.  Lovely!

Never a dull moment around here.


  1. says

    You really have been busy, especially with the bread and cheese – that could be a great meal by itself. How much space do the dwarf fruit trees need? I’ve heard dwarf fig trees do well, even in big containers, but I don’t know much about the others…

  2. says

    Busy time! Yes, inspecting chooks for mites is not one of my favourite pastimes. Mine only run into trouble when out of the chook dome (half the year), when wild birds come for their food.
    I should warn you that if you feel itching around your waistband, or something walking across your face in the evening, you’ve picked up a few. They can’t live on us, but they still try to bite.

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