Marathon Cheese Session

Due to a very slow Internet connection, last night was cheese making night. I started at 6pm, and Kim requested Wensleydale again. So I got stuck into it, but forgot one very simple thing. TIME. I had forgotten that it takes 9 long, but fun hours to make this wonderful cheese.

So at 3am this morning, I put the cheese into the press (after adding a layer of home grown sage for flavour) for the last time and dragged my sorry butt into bed!

Anyway, my main post today is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op, and funnily enough it is about “Making Cheese at Home“.

Enjoy, I am going back to bed! I need the strength to dig the remaining holes for the fruit trees.


  1. linda says

    I just saw you post on the Simple, Frugal, Green co-op about the cheeses you make and am wondering if you can tell me more about your feta cheese jar? Did you process it in a water bath or do you just place it in the refrigerator? All of your cheeses look lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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