It Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Tonight, when I was waiting to pick up Lydia, Matt and his parents at the train station, I came across a truly ancient phenomenon. Or so I thought anyway.  Would you believe that three out of five drivers had their car engines running for at least 15 minutes whilst waiting for their passengers to arrive from Melbourne.  WTF I thought!

I could not believe that people have money and the planet to burn.  It was not like it was that cold that they had to be wrapped up in climate controlled comfort.  I stood outside, leaning on the hybrid with a jacket on, waiting for my guests to arrive.  I was so angry and livid!

What a waste of petrol and diesel, with so much CO2-e just being pumped into the atmosphere by their stupid behaviour!  I thought that this kind of habit went out with the last oil peak.  People obviously forget so quickly.  I hope they get their just deserts next time around when their 4×4’s cost them an arm and a leg to run.  Rock on $2 a litre petrol.  Bloody planet killers!  (a bit harsh I know, but that is how I feel.  I just wanted to throw rocks at them and tell them to wake up to themselves, but apparently I might get arrested!)

Why is the average Australian not waking up to the damage they are causing though their everyday actions?  Is it that hard to grasp, or are they just so bloody lazy to change before it is forced upon them?  Who knows the answer. 

All I know is that it makes my blood boil when I see such waste!  Wake up numbnuts!  Turn your car off when waiting for more that a minute or so.  It costs you money and the planet for the rest of us!


  1. Hilde says

    It would be no problem for the car makers to install a feature that automatically turns the motor off as soon as you stop and turn it on again instantly when you step on the accelerator pedal. Actually, some new cars already have this. It does prevent so much waste of fuel. I have watched our postman driving along the street and stopping at least 20 times without ever turning off his car. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to open the door of a car with idling motor and just turn off the motor, but I think with some people, I would risk my life!

  2. says

    I agree entirely, it is something that has always enraged me. In Scandinavian countries I believe it is actually illegal to do that.

    It’s about time the government started taxing people for driving unnecessarily large vehicles instead of rewarding them for driving further. I have heard lots of stories about people driving from one state capital to another just to save money on their tax bill.

  3. says

    rocks or a 2×4 to the back of the head both ideas that spring to mind…i wonder what kind of jolt will actually penetrate with these selfish folk! i hear them say “but it was just for a minute”, collectively though these minutes add up and people seem to be so focused on their own survival that they forget they must contribute to collective survival. There is nothing worse than selfish behaviour.
    So Gavin… i will testify for you if a rocks slips! shelley

  4. says

    Hey Gav, I’m with you on this… of many occurances I end up saying to myself “don’t you care or even understand?” to people about me.

    Sorry I have been missing in action for a little while. I’m trying to cope with huge company direction changes – I feeling the last 24 hours that I am starting to see the light. :)


  5. says

    We really do need the price of oil to rise to put an end to this kind of waste. And this is extremely minor waste compared to the thousands of kilometres they (and their food!) drives every year.

    I remember back in the late 80s/early 90s (can’t remember the exact time, but I remember the reactions!) when petrol hit $1 for the first time. Petrol stations didn’t even have wide enough signs to show four-digit prices (e.g. 101.9 c/L).

    People were so shocked by the price of petrol that they were doing all sorts of ridiculous things to drive less and use less. Yet here we are living with those petrol prices every day and more people are driving 4WDs (that never see a dirt track!) than ever before.

    People seem to react initially to price rises, but very quickly become accustomed and return to their old ways without any further thought.

  6. says

    Oh yeah…. It happens at my school carpark each and every day! There are a number of parents that just sit there with the car running waiting for kids, usually with aircon on or now heater. The carpark has become a bio-hazzard if you stay in your car, then you will gag on the fumes! Absolutely stupid if you ask me!


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