Green Campaigning, Solar Style


I have been doing a bit of local campaigning and media awareness to put the Melton Sustainable Living Group in the headlines.  As you know, I sent a media release to all of our local papers and radio station a couple of weeks ago.

As a result, here is an interview I did last week that appeared in the Melton Express Telegraph.  The article is titled, “Melton green group backs solar”.  It shows a picture of me hugging my solar panel up on the roof of my carport and explains about the Solar Suburbs Scheme that our local council and Clear Solar is promoting.

I thought it would be a good idea to give the Solar PV rebate a plug seeing that it ends on June 30th.  If you can find a bulk buy scheme in your area, I encourage you to take up this once in a lifetime opportunity of purchasing a 1kW Solar PV system for around A$2,500.  It is a bargain and based on the average Australian homes power usage, you should be able to produce at least 25% of your own electricity needs.  Join the likes of my fellow bloggers Darren, Moo, the MadGnomes and myself (and anyone I have missed) in taking up this green renewable energy option.  You will never look back.  I certainly haven’t!

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  1. says

    Thanks for the plug, Gav!

    Our local sustainable living group, Jamberoo FutureCare (similar to your Melton group), recently organised a solar power information evening. We got people from Solar Shop to come down and give a talk, and they put together a really good bulk purchase deal for us.

    We had about 50-60 attendees at each of the two presentations, and had about 50-60 households sign up for quotes. Obviously not all will ultimately purchase, but even if only half of them do it’s a fantastic result!

    Just on my little street we’ve had a lot of solar activity lately. One of my neighbours got solar hot water after seeing my system go in. He’s also looking to get a large (about 3 kW) solar power system under the bulk purchase scheme. Two other houses in my street also got quotes.

    It’s fantastic to see these things happening in our local community. Good luck with your efforts!

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    I love having solar power, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. I’m looking forward to my first full green power electricity bill. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to get a bill.

    Sadly there is a lack of interest in solar power whenever I mention it to my friends and work mates. Those who are interested say cost is an issue but at least they have given it some thought.

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