Climate Change Human Sign

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Activism at its best.  A massive event happened today at St Kilda beach.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, however I offered my video editing skills for the day, and managed to capture this clip off of the evening news for my friend and fellow climate change activist David Robinson.  He helped organise the event, and you can get a full brief describing the event at  Well done David and friends for organising a meaningful message to our elected officials.

You make me proud to be an Australian who also cares about the future of our world and our ability to live upon it.  Fantastic effort to all those people who made up the sign.  It looks like you all had a lot of fun.


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    I have an issue with this message.

    Who is the “you” in “your”?

    I know I’m being difficult, but I think it’s a really important point we need to get across – there is no-one who is going to save us, or make changes, except ourselves.

    The message should have read: “Our future is in OUR hands”.

    Maybe that would have made people think a bit more!

    (BTW, I just came through to this post via the backtracking thingy gizmo gadgety zapper whotsit)

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    Hi Gav,
    It was a fabulous day and I’m so thrilled to have been apart of this extroardinary event. I’m in N for hands!!!I can’t wait to be involved in the next one.

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