Albert and I


Gavin and Al

Well, once again I have applied to be a Climate Project presenter and if successful, I will have the privilege of being trained over 3 days in July by none other than Al Gore.  For those who don’t know, his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth shocked me out of the Matrix and into reality!  It was responsible for my so-called ‘green epiphany’!

Hopefully, my application was a little bit more convincing this time around, and I managed to complete it without too much trouble.  I described how the region that I live in is kind of in a ‘70 time warp as far as Climate Change action goes, and that I am just the bloke to spread the message in the Western part of outer Melbourne.

I also mentioned my part in getting the sustainable living group up and running and raising awareness about climate change in the local media.  One of the conditions is to give 10 presentations to large audiences over the course of a year.  No problem for me, because I am used to public speaking to crowds of at least 50 people.  Last Thursday night was a breeze, and I really enjoyed talking about climate change and sustainable living.

I have had some really great feedback about my presentation, and I have also been approached by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to talk at their Powershift conference.  Not sure of the details, but will find out soon enough.

It would be nice to get a Guernsey for the game this time around, but if not this time, I will apply again next year.  Wish me luck, and maybe the picture I made will come true!  Me and Al, just imagine it.


  1. says

    Thanks guys and girls. Yes, as my son has pointed out, it is a photoshoped image! Who would have guessed!

    Thanks for the well wishes. I hope it all works out for the best. If anything, I will still be presenting to our local group about all things sustainable living anyway. Thinking global, but acting locally!


  2. says

    They’d be mad not to take you on for the job, given how much progress and impact you’ve had already! Best of luck!!

  3. says

    Good luck! I agonised over wanting to apply for a day or so, but I just can’t commit the time to the presentation with my young family… I will have to live vicariously through your training LOL.

  4. Anonymous says

    Go for it Gav. I always knew that you were going to do great things the day that you were born .


  5. Elizah Leigh says

    Gavin, what you’re doing is inspiring!! I wish that more green-minded people followed your lead. Of course, confidence counts for a lot — I think that my knees would be knocking if I took on such a prominent role, but perhaps this is what you were meant to do. You seem to have such an approachable and likable nature that I think will serve you extremely well in your eco-enlightenment exchanges with the public. Your impressive photoshop exercise gives credence to the theory that if you believe it than you can achieve it!! Very best of luck to you, but I have a feeling that you’ll score this opportunity based on merit alone. :)

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