The Tale of Two Cheese Books


A week or two ago, I mentioned that I was going to do two book reviews. So, as promised here it is. Note: The recipe for Wensleydale (pitured above) is missing from both of these books. It does not rate a mention. I am so glad that the little recipe book that I received with my kit has it listed. I love this cheese!Home Cheese Making - Recipes for 75 Homemade Cheeses.By Ricki Carroll.The   [Continue Reading …]

Marathon Cheese Session


Due to a very slow Internet connection, last night was cheese making night. I started at 6pm, and Kim requested Wensleydale again. So I got stuck into it, but forgot one very simple thing. TIME. I had forgotten that it takes 9 long, but fun hours to make this wonderful cheese.So at 3am this morning, I put the cheese into the press (after adding a layer of home grown sage for flavour) for the   [Continue Reading …]

Nearly Finished

So what do you think?  I believe that the template looks quite professional, and even better, it was free! Just a few more things to add into the side bar, like links to some of the tutorials that I have written over the life of the blog, and then it will be complete.   [Continue Reading …]

Work In Progress

Please bare with me over the next day or so as I do a little bit of redesign work on the site. I believe that a change is as good as a holiday, so as I haven't had a holiday in years (not that I want one), revamping the site sounds like a good idea.And before you ask, I have taken a backup! It should be up and looking great this evening some time.Gav   [Continue Reading …]

A Great Weekend


Well what a great time had by all. Over the weekend, I was a very busy lad. Friday night, I made a version of Monterey Jack cheese called Pepper Jack. I got the recipe from one of my new cheese books, which I will post a review of during the week. Here is the pre-waxed finished product. It weighs about a kilogram. Note the red flakes throughout the cheese. They are my organically grown   [Continue Reading …]

Pickled Eggs


I had a request from Maggie, a regular reader who had talked to Kate, another reader and friend about my pickled eggs.  The first batch I ever made is long gone now, but you can see them top right in this photo. When I have a glut of eggs and they are a few weeks old, this is how I preserve them so they last a bit longer.  They taste absolutely divine with a bread & butter cucumbers and a   [Continue Reading …]


Over the past few weeks, I have had time to reflect on a many number of things in my life.  Relationships, work, home, community, hobbies, family, you name it I have thought about it. Throughout all the chaos of Kim’s illness, and having the reality thrust upon us that she might have lost some toes or her right foot, it brought home, to me at least, that the most important things in life are   [Continue Reading …]

Green Campaigning, Solar Style


I have been doing a bit of local campaigning and media awareness to put the Melton Sustainable Living Group in the headlines.  As you know, I sent a media release to all of our local papers and radio station a couple of weeks ago. As a result, here is an interview I did last week that appeared in the Melton Express Telegraph.  The article is titled, “Melton green group backs   [Continue Reading …]

Climate Change Human Sign


Activism at its best.  A massive event happened today at St Kilda beach.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, however I offered my video editing skills for the day, and managed to capture this clip off of the evening news for my friend and fellow climate change activist David Robinson.  He helped organise the event, and you can get a full brief describing the event at   [Continue Reading …]

Wicked Wensleydale


As they say, the proof is in the eating.  You may remember back a couple of months ago that I made a wheel of Wensleydale cheese.  Now, because it was a special occasion yesterday (Lydia & Matt returning to the UK), I decided to taste test it after two months.  The recipe suggested that maturation was between 3 weeks and 3 months, so I thought that it would be all right   [Continue Reading …]

The Trek

No post of substance tonight.  Adam and I are going to see the new Star Trek movie as we are both avid fans.  It should be a great evening. That makes me wonder.  How many others of you out there love the Trek?  Leave a comment if you are a fan. See you all tomorrow!  Be Green and Prosper!     [Continue Reading …]

Pressure Cooking


My main post for today is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op and focuses on one of my favourite cooking implements, the pressure cooker. Please take the time to check it out.  It is titled “Saving Energy in the Kitchen”.  I have also included a recipe for my simple beef stew.  It tastes sensational. We have been using the pressure cooker about twice a week now that it is   [Continue Reading …]

It Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Tonight, when I was waiting to pick up Lydia, Matt and his parents at the train station, I came across a truly ancient phenomenon. Or so I thought anyway.  Would you believe that three out of five drivers had their car engines running for at least 15 minutes whilst waiting for their passengers to arrive from Melbourne.  WTF I thought! I could not believe that people have money and the   [Continue Reading …]

Albert and I


Well, once again I have applied to be a Climate Project presenter and if successful, I will have the privilege of being trained over 3 days in July by none other than Al Gore.  For those who don’t know, his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth shocked me out of the Matrix and into reality!  It was responsible for my so called ‘green epiphany’! Hopefully, my application was a little bit   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese Slices


It has been a while since I have made some cheese.  I am having withdrawals!  Making cheese is now a part of who I am and it just feels great when making it, but even better when eating it.  I feel like I have resurrected some ancient art that has been lost by modern man.  Well, when you think of it like that, I suppose that is exactly what I have done.  Hopefully, once my   [Continue Reading …]

Why Does Nature Always Come Off Second Best?


I was reading this story today about the Superb Parrot titled “Parrot ‘putting hundreds of jobs at risk’, whose species is listed as a vulnerable species.  This parrot lives in the river red gums in the Murray Darling Basin and the hollows of the Red Gum are its only nesting site.  I am not normally a ‘tree hugging greenie’ but in this instance I feel I must say something in defence of   [Continue Reading …]