Just Getting By

It has been a difficult few days.  Kim is still in hospital and after 15 doses of antibiotics, her foot is now only just getting better.  We had a bit of a scare yesterday because it looked like she might have lost a few toes, but she is over that hurdle now thank goodness.  We believe that she will still be in hospital till the end of the week, so I get to keep running the house for a while longer.  I miss her dearly, but at least she is still in good spirits and that is all that matters.

I have lost my voice.  Not sure why, it just happened on Saturday and has been getting progressively worse.  Right at the time when I need it the most, because we have had so many phone calls in the last week with everyone enquiring about Kim’s progress.

Amy has been helping me out because Uni doesn’t start again until next week.  She has been staying here full time and commuting to work at Ballarat during the day.  She is a real treasure, and has been cheering me up.

Just to prove that I have been keeping myself occupied, here is the marinated feta I bottled this afternoon.  It should be ready in about three weeks time.  I have been promising my co-workers for some time that I will bring in some cheese for morning tea.  Now I have no excuses.

Better Feta 006

Yesterday afternoon, I planted two rows of all season carrots, two rows of beetroot, and one row of parsnips.  I have been following Cosmic’s moon planting guide, with much success so far.

All of the garlic is now about 15 cm tall, and all of the red onion and elephant leek seeds have sprouted.

Better Feta 010

Better Feta 009

I have always had problems getting onions (right) and leeks (left) to germinate, so I am sold on moon planting so far!  The purple podded peas are also growing strongly.

Better Feta 011

The rest of this bed will be planted out with broad beans near the end of the month.

The deck has been oiled and all the furniture has been replaced while Kim has been unwell.  I hope she likes the layout and the girls did all the heavy lifting of the pots so as to save my back.  They are very strong lasses!

Other than that, we are just managing to keep our heads above water, and had to cancel the Sustainable Living Group meeting as I was with Kim in hospital.  We will reschedule for this coming weekend, as Kim should be out of hospital and should be able to join in the fun.  Oh and thanks to all of our friends and family for their support so far.  It has been overwhelming and heartfelt.

Life always throws you a curly one when you least expect it!


  1. says

    Hey Gav, you only have to ask and we all come running love. Big Kisses to Kim. Ring me when you get your voice back as I’m flying down to Heathcoate on the 15th May. The cheese looks devine!


  2. says

    Poor Kim… Glad to hear that she’s in good spirits though, that counts for a lot. Have all my fingers and toes crossed that she’s out of hospital ASAP and back home again with you all. Oh, and that feta looks sensational!

    Cheers, Julie

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi Gav
    sorry to hear about Kim being sick and in hospital I have been sending healing prayers for her I hope she will soon be up and chipper once again The cheese looks great I would love to make some myself but don’t have the know how You know how much I love cheese I am like a mouse must have it evry day Keep up the good work and give my love to all at your place the girls especially they are a credit to you both

  4. says

    Mate your a world class bloke with a world class family.. and by the looks of it gold ribbon winning marinated feta.

    Get well soon both of you.

    Does Kim need anything ?


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