Holly’s in the Local Press


I never thought it would make the front page, but a nice little story none the less.  The kids are tickled pink to see themselves in the local rag.  You can find the story at the link below.


No sign of the article on the Sustainable Living Group, so I will give the reporter a call tomorrow to find out what is going on.

Holly is slowly being trained, and we have been getting some tips from one of our friends.  She even lent us a doggy cage so that we have a bit more control, and so that Holly feels like she has a secure place to sleep at night.  Contrary to the article she is still a mischief maker, and is still getting into my garden beds and chasing the chooks!  She will learn.



  1. says

    Hi Sarhn. No, it is too good a job for me. The newspaper photographer took it. He use about 3 remote flashes to get the light right.


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