Cooking and Gardening

What a great long weekend to get things done!

Easter is always a good break from work, but more so now that I am well on my way to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Friday, I rested and reflected upon the things I had to do in the next three days.  We had baked potatoes for dinner.

Saturday, Bacon and Egg muffins for breakfast. I weeded the veggie beds, and enjoyed the company of family and friends.  Lydia, Matt and Amy came over to stay for the weekend.  I also performed the initial stages of some pickling.  Drank a few bottles of home brew beer, sake, and made sushi, and hummus dip and corn chips for afters.  Wonderful!

Sunday, scrambled eggs on toast, finished off the pickling.  I made green tomato pickles (left) and Brinjal Pickle (right).

Autumn Pickles 005

Matt helped me with washing the deck in preparation for its annual oiling (he did most of the work).  Watered the veggie patch and noticed that all the garlic bulbs have sprouted and the purple podded peas are growing well.  Minestrone and Monkey bread for dinner, more homebrew and hummus.

Monday, homemade yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, leftover Minestrone for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner.  Did a bit of gardening, a bit of composting, and I noticed that the Horned African Melons are still growing well.  Spiky fruit, and I have no idea what they are going to taste like.  They are just a bit bigger than my fist.  I have also been working on the constitution (rules), incorporation papers, insurance, a budget for establishment, and applying for a establishment grant from our local council to get the Melton Sustainable Living Group off of the ground legally and financially.  Hard work, but well worth it in the long run.

Tomorrow, I start four days of annual leave, and will be oiling the deck and making some feta cheese.  I am looking forward my week at home.  I believe I might even get time to start on that cob oven I promised myself at the start of the year!


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  1. says

    Hey Gavin, I have some of those African Horned Melons too….Mine are growing up a frame and have reached the top and there are lots of melons… when will they ever look ripe? I wonder what they will taste like. Did I give you the seeds?
    Good luck…. and stay tuned for the tasting.

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