The Power of Earth Hour

Remember back to the post when I approached our local council and my employer regarding their non-participation in voteearth120x600Earth Hour?  Well guess what?  I had a win on both counts!

Here is the link to the councils announcement about participating, and here is my employers announcement.  You will just have to guess who my employer is.  Lets just say they start with an A and end with a Z.

I believe that my employer would have participated regardless of my action, however the Melton Shire Council may not have.  A big thank you goes out to Councillor Broden Borg for taking interest in my request.  It is great to see a leader in our local government.

We are all looking forward to the event tomorrow night, but before that we are staging our own special event.  We are going to have the first meeting of the Melton Climate Action Group at our house at 1500, where a few interested locals are coming together to start something really special.  I hope it grows wings and flies! 

Don’t forget, 8.30 9.30pm local time tomorrow, vote for the earth by switching off your lights for an hour.  For our Earth Hour we are congregating on Danni and Dales front lawn for a picnic under the street light and will hopefully encourage others around us to join in.  I am sure that after a few bevies, it will be a fun evening.  I think the kids are going to play murder in the dark! 

Will let you know about it all tomorrow.  Wherever you are on the planet tomorrow, have a great day and enjoy you own Earth Hour!


  1. Anonymous says

    Good on you Dad. For the record the councillor you found, Broden Borg is a school mate of mine and i actually ran against him for captaincy of the school on year 12. Good to see he got where he wanted to go!

    Just out of curiosity, what did you actually do for earth hour this year? Another epic sesh of Uno? In the city, me and my house mates participated but looking out over the city it was clear not many others where. Sad.


  2. says

    Sounds like your family and friends are going to have a ball tomorrow night, Gavin. Having been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, I haven’t planned anything but will definitely be switching all electrical appliances and lights off.

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