Green Quiz Time

How Green is Your Green Vocab?

Are you a walking green dictionary. Find out with my quiz and post your result as a comment!

1. You might have heard the term carbon footprint. What is it?

2. What is standby power?

3. What does “photovoltaic” refer to?

4. What does the term “de-lamping” mean?

5. What is the Global Warming Potential of Methane

6. Which is a carbon sink?

7. According to the Kyoto Protocol, which is not a greenhouse gas?

8. What are the two main components in cheesemaking?

9. Which one of these is not a potential application for grey water?

10. What is the most polluting fossil fuel?


  1. says

    I’m greener than a tree frog, but would have liked to see what I’d missed as soon as I finished. Thanks – it was fun.

  2. Danni- Neighbour says

    Hmmmm, I’m too scared to tell you what it said about me.

    Can’t wait to let Dale do it. Hopefully he is “browner” than me!

  3. says

    I will post the answers tomorrow with detailed information. Sorry, I should have added that fact to the post. Keep playing!


  4. says

    Hmmm 70% I’d really like to know which ones I got wrong and what the correct answer is. I like to learn something when I do a quiz.

    cheers Kate

  5. BevB says

    I am 90% green!

    Hey Gavin, I was thinking of you yesterday as we passed by a house that had a large portion of it’s roof covered in solar panels and had a wind turbine as well :-)


  6. Anonymous says

    Your Result – Not bad. You are as green as a zuchinni.

    Wow, didnt go as well as i thought i would. Keep it up Dad.


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