Exciting News!

There is a new group in town, ready to take on the problems of Climate Change and Peak Oil at the local level in our shire.  We are called the Melton Sustainable Living Group, and currently have 8 excited members!

It has been a long time in coming, and in an effort to promote our group and seek interest from potential new members, Kim has set up an interview with our local newspaper tomorrow at 1530.  We are hoping to get a few photos of Dale and I during the day doing sustainable living things to give to the journalist.  I will keep you posted as things develop, and I am developing a website using blogger for the group so that we can keep all members and guest up to date with our journey.

I am very excited to be one of the 6 founding members, and since Saturday we have recruited 2 more eager friends.  Things a looking up!

Oh, BTW.  We are getting another dog tomorrow as well.  We adopted a muttly (Corgi/Silky Terrier X) from the pound.  Kim is not sure what her name will be, but we are going with Holly at the moment.  The paper is also going to do a story about adopting dogs from the local pound to give them a plug as well.  Ben will be getting his picture with Holly in the paper. News at Eleven! :-)


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  1. says

    Hi Gavin,
    Great news on your group. I wish Melton was a little closer so I could join in. I’m glad you’ll be posting mintues/ideas from the meeting as it will inspire us to set up similiar groups in our own areas (maybe bayside has one already?). Holly is a cute name for the dog but maybe SOLAR might be more apt for such a green household!!!

  2. says

    Hey Gav, Kym and Ben,

    Well done. Sim and I look forward to hearing how the group goes (and seeing your pictures in the paper!)

    Progress is definately being made in Melton.

    Catch up soon over fig and walnut bread and some tasty cheeses!

    Jane and Sim

  3. Dave says

    Hay Gav,

    saving energy is so easy. just got the electricity bill & have reduced 5 KWH per day compaired to the same time last year just by installing energy saver globes & shuting off the standby power over night.


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