A Day Without The Net

What a strange day we have just experienced!  ADSL has been down in our area for a whole day, and it has been like living without a long lost friend.  I know that I count my blessings every day that we are fortunate to be able to afford an Internet connection at all, but talk about technology taking over your lifestyle!

Anyway, my main post is over at the Co-op today.  You can read all about “Green Computing”, which is a follow up story from the one I posted yesterday about “The Vampires Feed At Night”.  I thought it most apt.

Have a great day, and I have some exciting news to come later today!



  1. says

    I sympathise Gavin, my daughter got water on my keyboard last week and my laptop was in the shop for 3 days, I felt like my arm had been cut off. Waiting in the cue for the ancient desktop was very frustrating, wonder what I did before I had it? x Deb

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