Buccaneer Brewery

Yes, there is a new brewery in town.  Actually, it is in my shed and it goes by the name of Buccaneer Brewery!  I thought up the name many years ago when I was still in the Navy.  I wrote a post a while back called Gav’s Eco Beer, so have a look for my method of making it.

I have been a busy lad in the brewery today.  I fixed labels that Kim made me to the Dark Ale that I bottled last weekend.  I put 1kg of dextrose in to this batch, with a final alcohol content of 5%.  This batch made 32 bottles.  Dark Ale is a great winter beer, and I am looking forward to cracking this one open in about a month.

Dark Ale

Then I bottled the Real Ale that I put in the fermenter last weekend.  It took me about an hour, but it was pleasurable work.  To this batch I only added 500g of dextrose, so the alcohol content worked out at 3.7%.  I managed to get 32 bottles from this batch as well.

Real Ale

Then I decided to make some non-alcoholic Ginger Beer.  I use a brewing kit made by Coopers as I find the flavour of this soft drink second to none.  I have tried other brands of kit ginger beer, but they are horrible.  The entire process only takes 3 hours from fermenter to bottle, and is ready to drink in 3 weeks.  The kit made twenty five 750ml bottles.

Ginger Beer

I have to stop brewing now, because I have run out of bottles so I better get some more or just save up PETE soft drink bottles.  In three weeks time I will try a bottle of each and let you know if I have been successful.  On average a bottle of beer costs 46 cents to make with Ginger beer a little more expensive at 60 cents a bottle.  Very frugal and very nice!


  1. john (dad) says

    its good gav that you are keeping up the family tradition with beer making. i made it for 20yrs

  2. says

    You can take the boy out of the Navy…but never the Navy out of the boy..

    Great name for the brewery Gav..

    We will have to get together and make some Bilge Port, Charging red and Equalising white.

    We could also mix everything together and make Drunken Sailors

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