Exciting News!

There is a new group in town, ready to take on the problems of Climate Change and Peak Oil at the local level in our shire.  We are called the Melton Sustainable Living Group, and currently have 8 excited members! It has been a long time in coming, and in an effort to promote our group and seek interest from potential new members, Kim has set up an interview with our local newspaper tomorrow   [Continue Reading …]

A Day Without The Net

What a strange day we have just experienced!  ADSL has been down in our area for a whole day, and it has been like living without a long lost friend.  I know that I count my blessings every day that we are fortunate to be able to afford an Internet connection at all, but talk about technology taking over your lifestyle! Anyway, my main post is over at the Co-op today.  You can read   [Continue Reading …]

The Vampires Feed At Night


During Earth Hour, many companies turned off their lights in high-rise office building in cities all around the world.  Great work, but something was missing.  Office Vampires, in the form of millions of PCs are left on, sucking the grid dry during the long dark nights and are a massive contributor to the carbon emissions of many large companies.  These emissions can be avoided by   [Continue Reading …]

The Power of Earth Hour


Remember back to the post when I approached our local council and my employer regarding their non-participation in Earth Hour?  Well guess what?  I had a win on both counts! Here is the link to the councils announcement about participating, and here is my employers announcement.  You will just have to guess who my employer is.  Lets just say they start with an A and end with a   [Continue Reading …]

Gav’s EV Conversion

No readers, not I, but another Gavin, and this time from New Plymouth, NZ.  I received an email from Gavin Shoebridge yesterday, who commented about my blog (he likes it).  A nice guy, and he shared a YouTube link with me that featured his conversion of an old Mitsubishi Tredia with internal combustion engine to a fully refitted Electric Vehicle.  He bought the original car for   [Continue Reading …]


I was just watching a great documentary titled Dennis Weaver’s Earthship which motivated me to do a little more research.  The inventor/architect of the Earthship concept is Michael Reynolds who has been refining the design since the ‘70s. The houses are built out of recycled tyres, aluminium cans, and bottles.  The tyre walls are held together with compacted dirt, rendered with a   [Continue Reading …]

Waxing The Cheese


As a follow up to this mornings post, I thought I would show everyone how to wax a cheese.The cheese wax is a special formulation and is not the same as paraffin or candle wax.  That type of wax is too brittle to be used to coat cheese, as the cheese needs a solid yet flexible covering to keep the air and bacteria out of it and to keep the remaining moisture locked in to help with the   [Continue Reading …]

Wensleydale Cheese Gromit!


On Saturday, I took part in a marathon cheese making session.  I started at 1230 and finally finished at 2100!  I didn’t realise that it took so long to make a more complex cheese. I used 7 litres of commercial homebrand full cream milk and had no problems this time getting the curds to set.  You should have seen the smile on my face when I tested the curd for firmness after the   [Continue Reading …]

Buccaneer Brewery


Yes, there is a new brewery in town.  Actually, it is in my shed and it goes by the name of Buccaneer Brewery!  I thought up the name many years ago when I was still in the Navy.  I wrote a post a while back called Gav’s Eco Beer, so have a look for my method of making it. I have been a busy lad in the brewery today.  I fixed labels that Kim made me to the Dark Ale that I   [Continue Reading …]

Ah, The Equinox and Lunar Planting

Once again the time is upon us.  A day of equal daylight and darkness, and a day of transition.  Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn! For some it is a day of religious significance, but for others it means it is time to plant either the summer or winter crops.  For me it is about the time to prepare the winter veggie patch for planting next weekend.  I have also been researching and   [Continue Reading …]

Participating in Earth Hour 2009


As in previous years, my family will be participating in Earth Hour on the 28th March at 2030-2130, and I will see if we can rope a few other around the neighbourhood into the event as well. Now as you know, leading by example is one of my values, so imagine my dismay when I went to this years Earth Hour website and discovered that my local council has not signed up for the event. Here is my   [Continue Reading …]

Quiz Answers

One of the limitations of the tool I used to create the quiz yesterday, was that you didn't get to see the correct answers after you had pressed the submit button. So, as planned here are the answers with a little bit of explanation.   1. You might have heard the term carbon footprint. What is it? A.  How many squares in you home B.  The fuel efficiency of your car C.    [Continue Reading …]

Green Quiz Time

How Green is Your Green Vocab?Are you a walking green dictionary. Find out with my quiz and post your result as a comment!1. You might have heard the term carbon footprint. What is it? How many squares in you home The fuel efficiency of your car A person's contribution to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere2. What is standby power? The excess power that is generated by coal fired power stations   [Continue Reading …]

The Great Cheese Rescue


Late this afternoon, I thought I would try my hand at making a Wensleydale cheese infused with sage leaves in the middle.  Kim had bought me a cheese press during the week and I was all set to give it a tryout.   Well that was the plan anyway.  It all started out well.  I used UHT full cream milk which was apparently OK to use in cheese making.  I added the right   [Continue Reading …]

Go Green Team

Like a chip off the old block, my daughter Megan joined the "Go Green" team at her high school about 2 months ago. It comprises of 9 other like minded students in their final year of school. Her school is quite un-green with no recycling bins, no water tanks, no energy efficiency campaign, no Solar PV, no community garden, no composting/worm farms. So the team has lots of potential   [Continue Reading …]