Where’s the Cheese, Gromit?

Sorry about this, but no cheese making post tonight.  I am very tired, after having just made a ramekin worth of ricotta out of the whey I produced today.  I chose to make Fetta, and it is not quite ready to present in all its glory.  It is still drying on a rack in the kitchen, and will be brined tomorrow. 

So I believe that instead of posting half of the method, I will wait until tomorrow night and post the entire procedure.  I took lots of photos during the day, so I hope they all came out.

See you all tomorrow!


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    I only wish cheese would like me as much as I like it but alas…

    I love Margaret’s comment. If they had Taste TV I’d never drag myself away 😉

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    Wow, cheesemaking really seems to be taking off lately. There have been a lot of courses around this area in the past few months, and people who I never thought would ever do such a thing are now home-cheese-making nuts!

    An interesting thing coming out of the whole craze is the demand for raw milk. When people are making their own cheese, they start to think about the quality and source of their ingredients. Hopefully some of our struggling local dairies can pick up on the demand and bring in a bit of extra income.

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    I made ricotta today–3 qts of whole milk made 1.25 cups of ricotta, and 2 qts of whey.
    I’m planning to try to make more from just the whey today…brescap

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