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The news about the bushfires that are only about 100km to the north and east of me is devastating. Over 170 dead, and nearly 1000 homes lost. It would have to be one of the biggest natural disasters in Australian history. I can see the massive clould of smoke to the north of the city from my office on the 30th floor. It seems so sureal that it is so close.

I feel so sad, and so does Kim. I can’t bare to watch much more of the carnage on the news, mainly because of information overload. I do listen to ABC radio, which has much better coverage without all the media sensationalism. Just the facts, and good ways to help out.

I helped out today by donating $50 per pay for the next four pay days to the Australian Red Cross bushfire appeal. My employer matches my donation, dollar for dollar, which I think is fantastic. I have heard that money is most needed right now, because there have just been overwhelming donations of clothing that the affected areas have enough.

I feel so helpless, but I hope that the couple of hundred helps out.

My heart goes out to all those affected, and a mighty thankyou to all the emergency services teams, who must be very tired by now. You have made us all very, very proud.



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    I made a donation through Coles and I must admit I thought to myself ‘I hope it gets there!’ Isn’t that horrible? What really irks me is the looters (they are about as bad as the ones who start these fires I reckon!)

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    Hi Gav,

    Yes I am donating as well to the Red Cross appeal. Have also decided to donate to a charity that is looking after the injured animals. I am looking into a couple charities to see which one I think would be best then I will write a post on it.

    I feel your words and thinking of everyone in VIC that has been effected.

    Really glad to hear you are ok Gav.

    Gav I hope the money raised goes to those affected by the bushfires. Do you remember what the Red Cross did to the money raised for the tsunami appeal?

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    so glad you and yours are safe and well and good on you for the donations I am going into the bank on payday and do my bit as well It wont be much but every bit helps how terrible they [the victims] all must feel with nothing left and maybe some of their family or friends gone forever in a flash of time this is truly a disaster of gigantic preportions ELLIE

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    It is heartbreaking! My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this. So glad to hear that you and your family are ok.

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