The Yellow Peril

My main post today is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op.  It is about how to opt out of phone book deliveries to your home or business. 

But for a bit of fun, here are other things you can do with the Yellow Pages. 

You can build a miniature shopping mall.  As if we really need any more of these monstrosities!

You could construct scarecrows for your veggie garden.

You could make a car. 

Or a fortress to keep the zombies out after the apocalypse!

If you like, you could make a large reptile to scare door to door salesmen away from your home.

Or, if you are really crafty, you could make this lovely dress with the white pages.  Or weave this cowgirl suit from the yellow pages. Nice!


Or you could just opt out of the delivery once and for all!  Then you wouldn’t have to get all creative.  Remember, Reduce first, Reuse second, and Recycle if all else fails.



  1. says

    Hey Gavin did you read my post about my daughters quilt on Friday?? I use telephone book pages instead of buying really expensvie (all bleached and unenvironmentally friendly) imported papers to use as templates for my quilting – but please do not send me your old phone books I have quite a collection. My sons use the plastic wrapped yellow pages as stools so they are tall enough to play pool.


    PS; Happy Australia Day Gav (and the “gavettes”!!!!

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