Spreading The Word

Today, during my lunch break, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Lynda Kinkade for a story on Channel 7’s Today Tonight.  It will mainly be about the lack of strong government policy, and partly about some of the green things I have done around the place.  I believe that there will be others in the story as well, as she mentioned that there was another family they were going to visit after me, and a few environmental group were going to have their say as well. 

I mentioned how disappointed I am about the current state of government policy regarding the year 2020 emissions target of 5%; the free permits that will be given to polluting industries under the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme; and how very pissed off I was about the lack of leadership regarding renewable energy feed-in tariffs in Victoria.

I also got to talk about why I began to lead a sustainable life, and the benefits of this lifestyle, but I don’t think the story will feature much about that.  After the interview which was held on my deck, we had some shots of the electricity meter spinning backwards, the Solar PV panels on the carport roof, the inverter, the Hybrid car, and Solar Hot water panels, the front page of this blog, and me typing a fake post.  They also took pictures of my last power bill which was $39 in credit, and last the similar bill period for last year which was for $726, or to put it another way,  40 kWh last quarter vs 4290 kWh for the same quarter in 2007.  Renewable energy has made quite a difference for the better as you can see. 

I also talked about how so many people are trying to make changes at the grass root level, with big polluters doing nothing to stem the tide.  I think I mentioned how clean coal was a farce and the biggest oxymoron of this century, and I might have mentioned how the coal and power industry have their heads so far up the politicians arses regarding their lobbying efforts, it was the main reason the 5% target was settled at.  Nice.  I just hope the message is not lost on the cutting room floor.

The whole exercise took about an hour, all in 40C heat.  I was practically melting in Melton!

The story will be aired next week some time in Melbourne, but I don’t know about the rest of the country.  I will know more when Lynda calls me in a few days time.  Either way, I will record the story, convert it to a video and post it on this blog.

What an exciting day it has been.  All this fun, and I actually got lots of work done as well!  Telecommuting is cool.



  1. The Female Neighbour says

    Way to go Gavin!!

    Kim and I were in the kitchen taking photos and watching the interview.

    So proud of you mate!

  2. Dan (Treading Lighter) says

    Fantastic work Gavin! And like Darren said, if your URL is broadcast as well, teaming up material like your “crisis” post with mainstream coverage like this is going to do wonders for getting the message across to the (as yet) unconverted. Like yourself, I’m holding my breath to see what actually ends up in the reel, but I’m going to stay optimistic!
    Look forward to seeing the clip in a future post (which I’d like to link to if I may?)

  3. says

    Gav, I nearly burst when i got the email Kim sent to Dad. I don’t think i have ever been as proud of you as I was at that moment. I was speechless and the tears welled up.

    Well done Big Brother! I’m so happy for you.


  4. says

    Great post Gav! Who took the photograph of you being interviewed? Looking forward to seeing the story – yes please can you post it to your blog?

  5. says

    *big high five* bet you never dreamed this journey of yours would take you where you are now? well done Gav. keep spreading the word.

  6. says

    WTG Gavin, the more we can promote the beenfits of our lifestyles the greater our chances of turning tides! Will keep an eye open for the show:)

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