If Chickens Could Talk…


They would say "Thank you very much.  You are my heroes!".  That would go exclusively to Kim and Ben for keeping them alive during this heat wave. Kim and Ben's heroic actions of keeping the chooks cool by spraying them with a mist of water, every two hours over the last three days has been exemplarily.  I am so impressed because as I have written before, Kim doesn't   [Continue Reading …]

Meltin’ in Melton


I just saw the ice cream van go past my house and look what happened! All I wanted was a box of ice creams for the kids!  It has been 43C for two day in a row, and it is forecast for a similar temperature tomorrow.  I wish this heat was over, but we will just have to do our best.  I have been watering the veggie patch every morning at 0530 with mains water when I am allowed and   [Continue Reading …]


I would like to give a big thanks for all the massive support and kind words via comments and personal blogs over the last 24 hours.  I feel overwhelmed to say the least, and your words give me the courage and strength to keep on spreading the message and doing what I am doing.  I just hope that my whole TV segment doesn't cut! I expect that if the Today Tonight piece goes to air that I   [Continue Reading …]

Where is the Crisis?


When I talk to people about the seriousness of climate change and peak oil (which, if you read this article about the current research on the climate crisis, you soon realise is far more dire than anything you'd guess if you only follow the mainstream media), people tend to not take me too seriously, for two reasons: "If what you say is true, why isn't the government doing a lot   [Continue Reading …]

Spreading The Word


Today, during my lunch break, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Lynda Kinkade for a story on Channel 7's Today Tonight.  It will mainly be about the lack of strong government policy, and partly about some of the green things I have done around the place.  I believe that there will be others in the story as well, as she mentioned that there was another family they were going to   [Continue Reading …]

Gross Feed-in Tariff Petition


My good friends over at Energy Matters have started a small grass roots campaign regarding a renewable energy gross feed in tariff.  It is in the form of an online petition, that I encourage you all to please sign it if you believe in this worthy endeavour to help give a massive boost to the number of installations of renewable energy systems throughout Australia.  Here is the content of   [Continue Reading …]

Not A Good Forecast

This week is going to be very hot.  Here is the forecast for Melbourne, Victoria, from the BOM.  The temperatures are in Celsius. Forecast for Tuesday Sunny. Min 15 Max 38 Forecast for Wednesday Sunny. Min 25 Max 41 Forecast for Thursday Sunny. Min 26 Max 40 Forecast for Friday Sunny. Min 24 Max 40 Forecast for Saturday Sunny. Min 24 Max 40 Forecast for   [Continue Reading …]

The Yellow Peril


My main post today is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op.  It is about how to opt out of phone book deliveries to your home or business.  But for a bit of fun, here are other things you can do with the Yellow Pages.  You can build a miniature shopping mall.  As if we really need any more of these monstrosities! You could construct scarecrows for your veggie   [Continue Reading …]

It Is Done!


Not for the squeamish, but warts and all, here is my extracted tooth. Gross, I know, but if you ever want to scare small children into brushing their teeth when they absolutely refuse, I give you full permission to show them this bedtime picture.  I reckon they will fly into the bathroom quicker than their little legs can carry them and be brushing as quick as the Flash! My mouth is   [Continue Reading …]

Assessing Transport Needs


Yesterday, a big weight was lifted from my shoulders. We finally managed to sell our second car! We got rid of it not only for environmental reasons, but for financial ones as well. Since August last year, I have not been able to drive a manual any further than a few minutes due to my back injury. It seams that using my left leg constantly on the clutch was one of the causes of the relapse I   [Continue Reading …]

Natural Toothache Remedies


Day 7 of this torturous ordeal.  Visited the dentist again yesterday, and she took an X-ray this time.  Unfortunately, the tooth is dead, and has to either come out or have a root canal and crown that would cost over $2000!  So the tooth comes out on Thursday.  She wouldn't pull it on Monday because it was too inflamed and infected, so I am on a course of antibiotics to settle   [Continue Reading …]


I hate toothaches, and yes, I have a big one! In fact I have had it since Wednesday lunchtime and has been increasing in severity ever since. I called in sick at work on Friday, and managed to get a dentist appointment at 1230. The nice dentist lady had a poke around and could only see an inflamed gum between two bottom right molars. The tap on the teeth test didn't show that anything was   [Continue Reading …]

Political Suicide

What a crazy week here in Australian politics! Factions of the coalition party which is currently in opposition to the elected government are openly calling eco-environmentalists similar to the Nazi Party!  The Senator Barnaby Joyce (Nat) drew comparisons between responding to climate change, environmentalists, and Nazi Germany when referring to the proposed emissions trading scheme.    [Continue Reading …]

Carbon Accounting

A great course so far!  Day One was very interesting.  We first did introductions, by playing Sustainabingo.  A little game where there are a bunch of squares on a bit of paper with a bunch of questions to break the ice e.g. who owns a worm farm (pick me), or who has a rainwater tank.  You get the general idea.  You introduce yourself to each of the course members and   [Continue Reading …]

A Busy Day


No rest for the wicked, so they say.  I don't think I was wicked, just very busy for most of the day.Up at 0730, had a cup of rooiboss, and got ready for the gym for my exercise rehab session.Out the door at 0810, had a great workout, and then back home to get stuck into the garden.  Watered the entire veggie patch and did a little bit of maintenance (pruning runaway tomato bushes), but   [Continue Reading …]

Dinner From The Garden


What a wonderful meal!  I just prepared the most tasty meal from the veggie patch, with over 85% of the food on our plate originating from it. First I made a Zucchini slice and I tried the recipe I found on Julie's blog "Towards Sustainability".  If you have a spare zucchini or two, give it a go because it was just so yummy and I highly recommend it.  Thanks for sharing   [Continue Reading …]