Someone Needs A Raincoat

Picture this.  Another 12mm of rain so far today and a lovely wet garden.  However, some of my family are too silly to take shelter indoors.  The things you see on a rainy day!  I didn’t know that Edwina had white feathers underneath the brown.

Garden 5876

And here is another shot of all my fine feathered girls having their afternoon feed of rainbow chard.

Garden 5896

Kim and I put another tarp over their run, so that hopefully tomorrow, it will keep them a bit dryer.  I wonder if they will have the good sense to stay under cover?  Kim reckons that she should make them little raincoats.  I think she is funny.

Garden 5883

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  1. says

    Hi Gavin,
    I’m glad you’re finally getting some rain.
    I reckon Kim should patent the raincoats for chickens 😉
    Have a great weekend.


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