Home Electricity Generation Update

This quarter (October-December) has been wonderful for Solar PV in my area.  Due to the extreme lack of precipitation (except for the past few days), we have had very sunny days.  Now, all this solar radiation is certainly not going to waste at TGOG’s house.  All of the solar panels (and plants) are lapping it up, converting all of those lovely little photons into electrons, and powering all the gear around our house.

Nice array!

So hear are the results comparing grid to solar PV usage.

That means that we have generated more than we needed and have a surplus of about 28.3 kWh up our sleeves.  Seeing that there is only 18 days until the end of the quarter, I believe we should be in surplus at the end of the quarter as well.  I can’t wait to see the bill from Origin Energy.  I bet they query the reading!  Either way, I still have to pay the supply charge which is about $42 just for the privilege of being connected to the grid.  I reckon they should pay me, because I am supplying them!

I started taking weekly measurements in April 2007.  That is the anniversary month.  So from April 2007 – March 2008 we generated 63.2% of our own electricity.  The running tally of self generation compared to grid usage from April 2008 to now is as below.

We have generated 76% of our own electricity needs.  I am very happy with that, because it is the target I had in my mind when sized our system.  It also helps that two of my adult children have left home :) 

Our average daily usage this quarter has also been very low.  We have been using on average 12.6 kWh per day.  That is even with the pool pump on for 3 hours a day, and that uses about 5 kWh per day.  Just think if we didn’t have a pool, we would only use about 7.6 kWh a day, which I think is amazing. 

I believe that by involving the entire family in the energy conservation game, we have easily managed to get down to these low figures.  I could not have done it without their help.  Thanks to Kim, Adam, Amy, Megan, Ben and Butch the wonder-dog (and the chooks).


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    Awesome! How big is your solar system?

    We’ve just sent in the paperwork for a 1 kW system (it’s the sweet point for price/rebate at the moment), although we’ll possibly upgrade it further in the future. Solar hot water will come before that, though. Maybe even a small wind turbine, if they can be installed in residential areas.

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