Home Made Pizza

As I mentioned the other day, Kim made us all home made pizza from scratch to take to the Walk Against Warming.  Well, lucky for us all, she made it again last night, and she showed me how she made it.  I watched carefully and recorded the event in images for all to see.

First of all she made the pizza dough, which was simply the same recipe we use for making a loaf of bread.  We through the ingredients in the bread-maker as per the instructions on the pre-mix bread flour from Laucke and set the bread-maker to the dough setting and come back in an hour and a half.  When the dough has finished, she took the dough out of the pan and rolled it in a little flour and started to toss it in the air just like an Italian pizza shop.  I was waiting for her to drop it, but she was very skilful.  Here is the finished dough laid out on a pizza tray with tomato paste all over it.


Next are all the toppings.  Kim made a bit of a four seasons pizza (four different quarters) with a big slice for everyone’s individual tastes.

As you can see there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Here is the fully dressed pizza with a little bit of cheese on top.

Into the oven for 15 on 190 degrees, and then 10 minutes at 170 degrees C or until cooked.  This is what it comes out like after baking.

The pineapple is Kim’ piece, mine is the circle of tomato, Megan’s is the half a tomato, and Ben’s is the quarter of a tomato.  Very cute, just like the four little bears.

It was absolutely fabulous, and so simple to make.  The next job on my plate is to make a pizza oven outside.  I have the stand/base already that I scrounged about 4 months ago, so all I need is some lovely autumn weather and I will be set!


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    Hi Gav, great pizza! I make my own 2 (4 seasons also fussy kids)I dont make the base though as the boys like a thin-n-crispy base so I use Lavish or Mountain bread or round Lebanise bread, very cheap to get at aldi and its organic flour from aldi, cant go wrong with that. Slap a home made garlic bread in oven as well, de-lish!

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    What excellent advice, I usually put the base in the oven for a few minutes first and then turn it over and put the toppings on the crispy side. There really is nothing quite like home made pizza – we just have pasta sauce (homemade tomato) and bocconcini – yum!

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    I love home made pizzas! Just thought I’d share a great tip I got from the ‘wood fire oven pizzas’ workshop I went to a few weeks ago. Homeware and culinary stores sometimes sell those ceramic pizza stones that you heat up in the oven before you put the pizza on and it makes the base nice and crispy and not soggy like they sometimes do in the trays. Well Scott told us if you go to a hardware store and get yourself an unglazed ceramic tile it’s exactly the same thing – and the one from the hardware store costs $2.50 instead of like $20!

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