Crazy Green Thoughts

Over the last month or so, I have been having many crazy green thoughts or CGT’s as I like to call them.  Here are a few I have recently come up with.

  1. Why can’t energy/water meters be located on the inside of your house.  That way, by just letting people see how much energy they are consuming, they will be likely to utilise less.
  2. Why can’t every new home be fitted with at least a 1kW Solar PV array as part of the building code.  The price of the home would only increase by about $5000, which is well within the reach of every new home owner.  With the amount of new homes that continue to be built around the country, it would help us avoid having to build any new coal fired power stations for a while.
  3. Why is it that there are so many road works, and no public transport works?
  4. Instead of landscaping new homes with lawns that inevitably die before the home is occupied, and that the owner cannot water anyway due to water restrictions, why don’t they just build raised garden beds for easy to start vegetable patches and supply a rainwater tank. That way a new home owner will be able to save on their food bill and be able to pay their mortgage off quicker with the savings.
  5. If oil is going to peak very soon (or already has) why are we not seeing alternatives to petrol and LPG cars?  Why is the government doubling the rebate for new cars fitted with LPG, and yet we see no rebate for Hybrids or Electric Vehicles which are more efficient and far less polluting?
  6. Why do people still take their kids to school in 4WD (SUV’s) when they live less than 15 minutes walk from the school?  Are they all rich and think that petrol grows on trees, or are more concerned with their precious lives than they are about getting fit and curtailing climate change?
  7. How come energy efficiency never rates a mention during government campaigns for climate change.  Why do we only get told how many black balloons appliances use, and not the real cause which is that we have a TV/DVD in every room, all left on standby because we are all too lazy to turn it off at the wall.
  8. Why is Global Warming all smoke and no rivers?
  9. If you had a choice to buy a property in a low lying coastal area for a bargain price in the next decade, would you do it?
  10. Why do the retailers start putting their Christmas stuff out earlier each year?  Keep Christmas in December! 

These are but a few of the CGT’s I have been having of late, I just forget to write them down!  I don’t profess to have the answers, I just thought it would be good to put them out there.  Let me know via comment if you have been having any of late and what they are.  I would love to hear them. 


  1. says

    Why can’t someone make a sticker that reads

    I have 7 children that is why I drive a 4wd – but I car pool and fill up every seat and only make one trip a day because I live 25 kilometres away from the school, I grow as much of our own food as I can, never use chemicals in our house or on our property, I recycle, reuse and repurpsoe everything I can – so stop yelling at me and calling me an “environmental vandal” when you are leading the walking school bus.

    I know you weren’t talking to me in your post Gavin but I was so upset when this lady yelled at me again today (this is the third time she has called me this)and I needed to vent.

    Calm now thank you


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    I’ve had a few of those thoughts too. The last one irritates me at this time of the year – Christmas doesn’t start until December. hate seeing decorations etc out before then.

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    Here’s a few more CGT’s for you to chew on Gav

    1. Why can you not import a 100% electric car into Australia. ?

    2. Why can you not build and electric car and have it registered ?

    3 Why is the only way to get an electric car, is convert a REGISTERED car into an electric car and call it an engine change, with engineers approval ?

    4. Why does a hybrid car attract a discount on registration and a 100% electric vehicle does not?

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