Cartoon Heroes & Common Sense

Since I began recovering from my back injury, started the pain management sessions in the form of self hypnosis, and began exercise rehab, I wake up every morning feeling like this guy!  One of my favourite childhood cartoon heroes.

In the last two months I have been so full of energy that my usual optimistic self is extra optimistic.  Kim asks me how I do it.  Well, I suppose the power of suggestion during the hypnosis helps, so does the exercise and the knowledge that I am still getting stronger, but I think it maybe something else.  That something else is having a big goal.

My goal is (with your help) to tread very lightly on the Earth, and keep it livable for future generations of not only humans, but every species that inhabit the planet. 

A lofty goal I know, but one I attempt to make a reality each and every day.  Little by little I am achieving a sustainable, simple, and joyful lifestyle.   Common sense really,  but hard to come by in this crazy, mixed up, conspicuous consumer society we live in.  Some would look at me as the odd one out, but I believe they are the individuals out of touch with reality!


Yes, my super hero friends, common sense is so rare these days it must be a super power!


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  1. john (dad) says

    yes gav ,he was a sure a hero,keep up the good work even iff you only convert a few people its a start. and then it should be a chain reaction with them passing the message on. good on yu

  2. says

    Hey Gav,
    how come you wke up feeling like “Atom Ant” and I wake up feeling like “Roger Ramjet” not being able to do anything until Ive had a Proton Pill. And how come my Eagles have nicked off and left me with a bunch of Turkeys.

    Some days I feel like a “Thunderbird” All hero like just somebody els is pulling my strings….

    Anyhow enough of my bad jakes , you are doing very well ,, very proud of you..


  3. says

    Hi Gavin,
    On a friday evening I’m a bit like the thunderbirds “Miss Penelope” in need of a driver!!
    Sorry to steal a line from a Ben Lee song but I think this sums things up; “We’re all in this together”. Thanks for the daily inspiration.
    p.s. the potatoes and chickpea curry went down a treat. It’s now on the tuesday curry night menu.

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