Oils ain’t Oils

I saw this very funny yet poignant video that aired on the Colbert Report about Oil companies and their false environmental credibility. It is about 5 months old, but still relevant. I am so glad that the oil companies don't advertise here as much as they do in the US. It would drive me crazy! Enjoy![Ed] I spoke too soon! I just saw a very similar ad on TV tonight from Chevron Australia   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Sustainable Gardening


Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.  ~Douglas William Jerrold, about Australia, A Land of Plenty This is the last post in the series and it focuses on something dear to my heart.  Gardening.  My garden, is place of joy and tranquility.  When I spend time working in my garden, I instantly relax and forget about the worries of   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Transport


  Transport: How we get from A to B.  Before man invented the wheel, the only choices we had were shanks pony (our feet), and riding animals.  Both modes of transport were and still are, extremely low carbon.  Then we invented the wheel which for thousands of years were attached to various types of vehicles that were pulled/pushed by humans or animals allowing for greater   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Energy


According to the Zero Footprint Week site, electricity accounts for 50% of energy consumed by Australian households and for 85% of greenhouse emissions.  The main reason for this fact is that the majority of electricity in Australia is generated by burning Coal which released massive amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. So I will also add in my experiences on reducing   [Continue Reading …]

Cartoon Heroes & Common Sense


Since I began recovering from my back injury, started the pain management sessions in the form of self hypnosis, and began exercise rehab, I wake up every morning feeling like this guy!  One of my favourite childhood cartoon heroes. In the last two months I have been so full of energy that my usual optimistic self is extra optimistic.  Kim asks me how I do it.  Well, I suppose   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Office


  Today's theme is the Office and how we can reduce our carbon footprint where we spend a fair bit of time.  I work in on the 30th Floor of an office tower in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria, so I have quite a few suggestions for this theme.  I see resources wasted  every day where I work, because people are very nonchalant about environmental   [Continue Reading …]

Seriously Saving Money


 Now that we have managed to collectively talk ourselves into a recession, I thought it would be a good time to post some serious money saving tips. I write this in honour of my son Adam, who on Monday was made redundant from the Reject Shop. To his credit, he has four I.T. job interviews in the next two days. Well done Son!This list is a collection that I have been adding to over the past   [Continue Reading …]

The Tree of Happiness


I was tagged with the "The Tree of Happiness". Thanks Cabbage Heart (my wonderful sister) The idea of this tag is to list six things that make you happy and then tag others with it and spread the love..... 1. Family. My family (Wife, kids, parents, siblings) give me happiness every single day. In fact it is the only thing worth getting out of bed for in the morning. Isn't that why we go   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Home


So what can you do around the home to lower your carbon footprint? Both home owners and renters alike can do simple things to reduce their CO2e emissions. So, today from the Zero Footprint Week site are the three categories or challenges if you like, with my own tales of how I did it. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. By recycling just 20% more saves money on rubbish rates. That is straight from   [Continue Reading …]

In A Pickle


No sooner had I posted my recipe for my now world famous (it is on the web, it must be famous) Chickpea and Potato curry, that I had a request from Kel for the Brinjal Pickle that I also make.Just because I like you all, here is the recipe. I can't remember where I got the recipe, but I do know it was out of a library book about preserving & pickling. The jars back centre and right are the   [Continue Reading …]

Gavins Chickpea and Potato Curry

As I wrote previously, eating less meat helps reduce your carbon footprint. So, in no more than four minutes after my "ZFW - Food" post hit the web, that I received a request for my Chickpea and Potato Curry (thanks Anita).Now this recipe is my own creation, so excuse the vagueness in the instructions. Ben calls this dish Bombay Potatoes and it is his favourite vegetarian meal. I find that   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Food

Where does your food come from?  Do you buy it from the supermarket that stocks food from all around the globe?  Do you buy fresh fruit and vegetables at a local farmers market?  Do you know how far your food has travelled to get to your plate? Each food choice we make on a daily basis contributes to our carbon footprint. Canned tomatoes from Italy, Curry sauces from the United   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week – Launch

So what is a carbon footprint?  According to Wikipedia a carbon footprint is a "measure of the impact that human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide". It is used so that individuals, companies and nations can conceptualise their carbon dioxide contribution from the burning of fossil fuels which   [Continue Reading …]

Zero Footprint Week


November 23-29th is Zero Footprint Week, which is an initiative of the One at a Time Foundation. It is an educational week of awareness that is aimed at helping individuals reduce their carbon footprint. Going Zero is a big ask, and hard to achieve, but by having a look at the simple things we can do as individuals and as a community, we can reduce our footprint. The One at a time Foundations   [Continue Reading …]

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly On the Plain (or anywhere else except Melton!)


This is starting to irritate me a lot.  I know I can't change the weather, but at least give us a little bit of rain Huey! Here is the latest weather radar image from the BOM.  It shows that it is raining in nearly every population centre in Australia, except here in Melton.  Click to enlarge. I am still waiting for the rain, and have been since I cannot remember when.  We   [Continue Reading …]

Green Meme #1


Julie over at Towards Sustainability has tagged me for a meme. I have never done a meme before, but I figure that it is just like an interview for a green magazine, but kind of local (and not in a magazine!). Here are the Guidelines: 1. Link to Green Meme Bloggers (click on the pic above). 2. Link to whoever tagged you. 3. Include meme number. 4. Include these guidelines in   [Continue Reading …]

10,000th Visit


Well I thought it would never happen, but today at 0317 AEDST, I received my 10,000th visitor.  Here is a snapshot from Sitemeter. The lucky winner of my love (sorry no prize) was from Saint Louis, Missouri, who was searching for vegetable garden pictures.  Luckily I have lots of those posted! What a monumental event, and would you believe that when I started out I really just   [Continue Reading …]

Home Made Pizza


As I mentioned the other day, Kim made us all home made pizza from scratch to take to the Walk Against Warming.  Well, lucky for us all, she made it again last night, and she showed me how she made it.  I watched carefully and recorded the event in images for all to see. First of all she made the pizza dough, which was simply the same recipe we use for making a loaf of bread.  We   [Continue Reading …]