The Truth About Bottled Water

Just as a follow up post to my ‘Bottled Water is Unnecessary‘ post last week, I found this excellent video by U.S comedians Penn and Teller. Titled “The Truth About Bottled Water”, it busts the myths and misconceptions about tap water and the so called benefits of bottled water through a series of taste tests and research. People have simply been conned by advertising and beverage companies!Have a look and make your own mind up. Note: there is a little bit of swearing in the clip.


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    I have this feeling in my water that a lot of people are being taken for a ride over this bottled water issue.

    We need bugs and germs in our system to build up our immunity to disease.

    Use a filter if you are delicate to the taste of it.

    Do not drink de-mineralised or distilled water it will induce a loose bowel.

    Clean water is good for you but c’mon lets not pay through the nose for something we are already paying for.

    P.S. If doing exercise, drink room temp water not cold water as the coldness will upset your tummy.

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    Hehe, that made me laugh. I’m also writing about bottled water at the moment, over at the new G Magazine website (I’ll put the link in my name instead of my usual Go Greener link) – would love to see a comment from you over there!

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    Love the film clip – especially the part in the restaurant, what a laugh! There has been similar information reported in Australia recently about the myths of bottled water and the benefits of alternatives. In fact, BRITA is now offering a refillable bottle along with their filter jugs and filter packs. However, one must give credit to the marketers on selling people on the benefits of bottled water – maybe “Evian” really is “Naive” spelt backwards.

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