A picture is worth a thousand words. These two parsnips kind of remind me of my relationship with Kim.
Thanks to you and Ben, darling, we managed to get the majority of the garden beds prepared for planting tomorrow afternoon. Love always, Gav xox


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    @ Sharon J. Thanks, I got a big surprise when it came out of the ground!

    @Teena. Isn’t love grand?

    @greenfumb. Plant the seeds, thin when small to about 7cm apart, mulch well and water often. Fertilise with liquid fertiliser once a month. Mine have been in the ground since late March and are only of an edible size now.

    @Dad. Pretty good for my first try at parsnips! They tasted fantastic roasted.

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    Very sweet.

    Are there any tips you can give me for growing parsnips, I’ve never managed to produce anything worthwhile, could be lack of patience as they take a while to mature dont they.


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