Incandescents Out, Compact Fluros In


Planet Ark in conjunction with Philips, sent me through some information today about Energy Saving Lighting, and they granted me permission to reproduce their information.  The Australian Federal Government's ban on the import of incandescent lighting is only weeks away, so I thought it would be amiss of me not to help promote these resource saving devices. These types of lights bulbs are   [Continue Reading …]

How low can they go?

When I read this headline on the ABC news on-line, I laughed very loudly. "Estate agents told me not to talk: climate expert" The guts of the article goes like this. It states that Professor Andrew Pitman (Climate Change Research Centre, University of NSW) claims that real estate agents have threatened to make his life difficult if he continues to publish research about how vulnerable   [Continue Reading …]

20 Things You Should Know When Starting Your Sustainable Living Journey


Today, I met one of my long time readers for the first time.  His name is George, and works for the same company as I do.  By the look on his face, I think he couldn't believe that he had actually met me in person. After a hardy handshake, we talked about all the things I have inspired him to begin at his own place.  He is beginning a veggie patch and has bought the eco-wood sleepers, and will   [Continue Reading …]

Climate Sceptics Embarrassing

I knew I wasn't going crazy!  This article in the Herald Sun newspaper titled 'World Expert: Climate Sceptics Embarrassing', says it all!  Have a read, it made me cringe. I receive a daily environmental news feed,  called Making Environmental News, which is a brief digest from the Banksia Environmental Foundation. For the last month I have noticed a sharp increase in the frequency   [Continue Reading …]

The Price of Garlic in China


Strange title for a post I know, but this is a quick one about something I experienced today whilst grocery shopping. I was running low on garlic bulbs and when I got to the veggie section in Coles (don't usually shop there, just in a hurry), I was confronted with two options. The first option was four bulbs of garlic packaged in white plastic netting @ 99 cents, which I noticed were imported   [Continue Reading …]

Nice Feedback

Regular readers will remember the review I did on the DAB radio station "Passion for the Planet".  Well, a couple of days ago, I received this nice email. Hi Gavin, Google alerts alerted me to your blog - and I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely review of Passion for the Planet. I am glad you are enjoying the station and we're very grateful that you're helping to   [Continue Reading …]

Earwig Problem Solved!


Thank you to everyone who left suggestions on my Bloody Bugs post. I read all the suggestions and tried the easiest solution first.You will be happy to know that the prize goes to BevB for suggesting to have a look at Scarecrow's Garden. However, it wasn't Scarecrow's post where I got the solution, mainly because I didn't have any recycled tyre weeping hose. It was one of the comments attached   [Continue Reading …]

The Hills Come to Melton


Today, Kim and I had the pleasure of a visit from Kate and Roger (Hills & Plains Seedsavers).  They arrived via train and I picked them up from the station at about 10:30.  I recognised them both straight away, and into the car and off home we went.   The first thing on the agenda was a nice cup of Rooiboss tea, a choc chip biscuit, and a chat about Kate's world wide   [Continue Reading …]

Real Men Make Quiche!


Kate, from Hills and Plains Seedsavers is coming to visit tomorrow, so to mark the occasion, Kim stepped me through the process on how to make a quiche. I made it all myself!First of all I made the shortcrust pastry and blind-baked it with some special ceramic balls. The pastry was quite simple. Here are the ingredients.225gm Plain Flourquarter tspn Salt100 gm ButterWaterI sifted the flour and   [Continue Reading …]

The Wombat meets Edwina


My mate Phil popped over for a few glasses of the amber liquid this afternoon, and guess who decided to pay him a visit. Edwina decided it was a good idea to say hello.Don't kiss her Phil, you don't know where she has been!Just tickle her under the chin Phil. She will be yours forever!Then off she went to join the rest of the flock.Just goes to show that wombats and chooks do get along.   [Continue Reading …]

Bloody Earwigs!


I have been busy planting my seedlings out over the last few days (alas, no photos yet), and have notice that my cucumbers have been devastated again. No sooner do they grow their first true leaves, they get nibbled down to the roots. This is the second time this has happened this year. At first I thought it was the usual culprits of snails and slugs, but as it hasn't rained for quite a while,   [Continue Reading …]

Walk Against Warming


November 15th 2008 is the day that Australia will Walk Against Warming. There is a walk planned for every state capital city.This year, more than ever, is the time to show our elected officials that we hear them talk the talk, but cannot see them walking the walk.Lets get together as a proud nation and show our state and federal governments that we are not happy, and need some decisive action and   [Continue Reading …]

Telecommuting is great for the Environment


I am quite lucky that I work for a company that has the facilities to enable me to telecommute. What what is telecommuting, and what is it all about?Well, for me, telecommuting is making your home an extension of your employers office. Here is how it works. The company I work for provides me with a laptop, mouse and keyboard and all the bits that go with it. I provide the broadband internet   [Continue Reading …]

Credit Problems Made Worse


Today, we received a letter for Amy who is 19 years old and has just moved out of home. The letter was from American Express, and is an invitation to apply for an American Express Gold credit card. Just what a 19 year old university student on working part time at K-mart, really needs!The promise of up to $50,000 of credit is a big carrot to dangle in front of a young person, who may not know   [Continue Reading …]

How to Blanch Fresh Produce for Freezing


By request (thanks for asking JulieG), here is my method on how to blanch vegetables (in particular broad beans) in order to freeze them so that they are nearly as fresh as the day you picked them. Not a very manly thing to write about, but it hasn't stopped me yet!First of all, wash your beans so that they are clean and free from dirt, bits etc.Then, bring to the boil at least 6 litres of water   [Continue Reading …]