Wilderness Lost

A future scenario. Music by Dan Gibson, and edited by Gavin.

I believe that it puts a possible, and horrible future into perspective, and that if we act sooner, rather than later, we can avoid the consequences of inaction and avert catastrophic climate change.


  1. Dan says

    Thank you good sir!

    I remember listening to this clip on the Dan Gibson’s Solitudes: Harmony album as a child.

    I recently searched the web for a copy and to my dismay the new versions of the CD do not have this clip, it is completely cut out.

    Finally finding this is a gem!

    Cheers :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Gav, I refer back to that clip of George Carling you had. It is a normal run of the mill evolution for the old girl. She will kill us off and then regenerate in her own good time. I think we should do more to help her so we last just that little longer but she knows who is who and that human kind has to realise that even we have a use by date. We are going to out smart oursleves to death and extinction. Aint evolution grand. The joke is on us. Stacey.

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