Two Egg Wednesday and other stuff

It is all fun and games at TGOG’s suburban farm. One egg each from Ginger and Edwina, with Bunty and Polly yet to begin laying.

A lazy day, up at 0630 to let the girls out, and start the day with a long read of G Magazine and a cup of organic chai. Did a little bit of gardening in the afternoon and cleared up half of the root vegetable bed ready to plant part of the spring vegetables. I pulled radishes and daikons that had gone to seed, and left last seasons capsicums that are sprouting leaves again, and parsnips and beetroot that are still growing. I will add some compost to the bed tomorrow and turn it over by hand, then add a thick layer of mulch. All of the beds are drying out so quickly at the moment with all this warm weather, and with a lack of spring rain, the tank is getting a workout. I hope it rains soon, or anything I plant in the next few weeks will get off to a slow start.

I had my first session of exercise rehab at our local gym, and am very sore right now. I have had to resort to the heat pack and a little bit of bed rest. I have a hydro session tomorrow at 0830, so will need all the recovery time I can get. I have been feeling great over the last few weeks and the hypnotherapy has been working well. I must have just taken it a little too far during the assessment today, so will take it easy tomorrow.

After I returned home from the gym, I picked the first harvest of Broad Beans and Purple podded peas to go with dinner. I made Bangers and Mash with peas, beans and carrots, drizzled with a rich brown onion gravy. Very nice and the beans and peas were very tasty. It will take another few weeks before I have enough for another meal. I had preserved peaches and icecream for afters, which complimented the main meal. Simple food is always the best.

I also accertained that the chooks do not like broad bean or pea pods, and turned their beaks up at them. They do however like carrot peelings, and wolfed them back before going to bed. Kim has put the girls to bed two nights in a row, and gets a big kick out of it. All of the family have fallen in love with the chooks and their crazy antics. Who would have believed that each chook has a unique personallity that you can get very attached to! It was something I wasn’t expecting thats for sure.

To finish off the evening, we all watch a very topical movie, Chicken Run (again), and Kim has decided to paint a large number 17 on the chicken house tomorrow. Very comical.

Now, I realise that the little movie I made yesterday was very deep, and may have seemed a bit out there to some people. I came across the track at 0230 in the morning when I was listening to a relaxation CD to get back to sleep after dreaming of chickens! With a title of “Wilderness Lost” as the last track, it was a bit of a sleeper, because I had never got that far into the album before falling into a blissful sleep. When I awoke in the morning, the words stuck in my head, and I kept seeing the future as the narrator described. I felt like I had to share it with the world, but the track itself just did not do the message justice. I had to beef up the message, which I though would go down well in an audio/visual format. After I put it all together yesterday afternoon, while I watch it as a completed project I became very emotional again. Kim thought it was a bit too gloom and doom, but I believe that the ending promoted a better response as a call to action than any of the crappy government climate change ads you see on TV. It had a punch that hit me straight in between the eyes.

I hope it had the same impact for anyone who took the time to watch it.


  1. says

    Will we get to see photographs of the chicken house with number 17 painted on??

    A long time ago I owned an old Toyota Crown (poor mans limo) that some young punk spray painted ’17’ on each side so it looked like a rally car. I couldn’t be bothered removing it and hence drove around with it on my car. :)


  2. Teena says

    Gavy I thought the movie touched home…makes you open your eyes and really think…I love your passion for our environment xoxox

  3. john (dad) says

    yes bangers and mash u cant beat it, reminds when we as a family used to have it. the good old days. i thought the previous movie was okay. abit okay, but the messae still got thro.

  4. says

    Bangers and mash! YUM! We’re having it on Saturday with carrots, peas and onion gravy. I so agree that simple food is the best – I really don’t go for all that arty farty stuff that’s presented as a meal in some restaurants. I want something I can tuck into!

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