Store Wars and the ways of the Farm

For those who read regularly, you will already know, however for those readers new to the blog, I am a big supporter of Organic farming techniques. I support it so much, that I practice organic methods in my vegetable patch. Not one drop of petro-chemical based fertiliser, pesticide, or herbicide has touched my garden since I started growing in May 2007. Not only have my crops been bountiful, (except when caterpillars attacked my broccoli this year), my garden has been relatively pest free. I use organic methods of pest control which I have described in this post about organic pest control. My home produce is safe, and does not contain the normal cocktail of poisons that one may find on food grown by normal farming methods. I use organic fertilisers like Dynamic lifter, Powerfeed, Seasol and worm wee tea, and I use home-made compost to add fertility and water retention properties to the soil.

I am also against Genetic Modification of food plants or animals in any form. As most GM food used as feedstock for grain fed animals, and we in turn eat the animals, we end up ingesting the GM food by proxy, without being informed of the consequences, which at this stage are unknown. As Monsanto are the biggest manufacturer of GM products, they have a massive investment in “Roundup friendly crops”. Yes, they are the company who not only create the GM seed stock that is Roundup tolerant, but also manufacture Roundup, which is a widely utilised herbicide. What a self perpetuating market! Not only do you have to buy there seed, but to kill weeds around them you have to buy their herbicide product as well.

Also, Monsanto recently purchased Seminis who own the Yates seed brand, which, in Australia is commonly sold in nurseries. So by purchasing these seeds for our gardens, we are supporting this corporate terrorist. They also have patented all of their GM seeds, so that if by chance an unfortunate farmer gets his crops contaminated by GM pollen from a neighbouring paddock, he can’t do anything about it, and if anything can be taken to court by Monsanto for theft of a patented product! Not very fair in my books. Once again a clear case of profits before people, and very short term thinking by our policy makers who have lifted the GM ban in some Australian states. Shame, shame, shame. Corporate lobbying at its best, and our elected officials have been sucked in by them, and we shoulder the consequences.

All pretty heavy stuff, but to lighten it up a little, here is a very cool video about returning to the ways of organic farming, based on a Star Wars theme. For those who know me, I am into Sci-Fi as well as green stuff, so I thought the two would sit nicely together!

Enjoy, and I recommend to go organic where you can and if you can grow your own, even better for you. There are many seed providers that you can buy organic seed stock from, e.g. Digger’s Club, Select Organic to name two. Even if it is just herbs in a window box, at least you will know what went into growing them. You will feel better inside because of it! I have never felt better since getting rid of some of the toxins in my food.


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    To my taste, vegetables grown out of season or by aggressive technologies have no actual taste to speak of. Meat raised under stress and dairy from over-milked animals has so little resemblance to the real product that there is hardly a point to buying them—at any price.

    The problem is: we want to spend less money on food and are far too willing to accept the lower quality product with the smaller retail price tag (not accounting for real costs in terms of the environment and our heath).

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    @ Phil, I know mate. I had to put it up but needed a half decent post to wrap it around.

    @ Sarhn. It is indeed to find other real people who are on the journey.. I have reciprocated.

    @ Teena. Finally Mrs Anonymous has a name. HAHA. Yes we were very spoilt, but I do remember Dad using quite a bit of super phosphate when planting wheat in the top paddock, however, I do remember him draining the big tank at the back of the dairy yard in a special truck and spraying it all over the paddocks. I also remember him planting green fertiliser crops such as peas, before planting wheat one year.


  3. Teena says

    Yes GMF has always concerned me as well, what evidence has there been to prove its value in our bodies? none mees finks…. I think we were spoiled as children Gav, we had the best of the “green living” growing up on the dairy….I certainly do miss those days.

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