Hypocritical but still an Anti-Consumerist

This may seem totally against my principles, which I think it is, but I received my first cheque from Google Ads on Tuesday for a small sum which was payment for Feb-July08. You will notice the Adsense ads on my sidebar, that I am not supposed to mention as per my agreement with them, however it is hard to remain silent in the light of me earning money from them. You see, they are pay per click, so anyone who clicks on an ad contributes a few cents to my writing efforts. Similar to the Amazon ads for books and DVDs that I also have on the side bar under a similar agreement.

So time to confess I suppose. I promised myself at the time I started writing, that I would put any proceeds from advertising towards a green cause. However, when I received my first cheque, I had a blood rush, and ordered my chickens with the gains. I did not donate the proceedings as I promised myself. I do feel ashamed, however, I hope that my readers will understand as times have been tough at TGOG’s house because of my injury and reduction of income. I supposed I could have done worse, like go and buy some worthless piece of electrical equipment, but in the end I did spend it on a green cause which just happened to be my own families self sufficiency. I feel like a hypocrite, because there have been many times that I have slagged off the media and advertising in general, and here I am profiting from the very demons that I am trying to purge. At least the ads feature information about the subjects I write about, and promote the green cause, but once again I am trying to justify my actions.

After much thought, I have decided to keep the ads on the sidebar, however, from now on I will donate the proceeds to a real green cause other than my own family. I will be donating all proceeds to the Tree Project which I have given up personal time to support in the past, and which helps sequester carbon on everyone’s behalf. I might as well use the demon for a very good cause, and it will calm my troubled conscious.

I apologise for hypocrisy on my behalf, and hope that I have not offended anyone of my readers in the process. I do tend to be a bit harsh on myself, so if you think I am being a bit extreme, take it with the grain of salt it deserves!


  1. says

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Sometimes I need to give myself a slap and wake up to myself. You are all right of course, and I agree with all your points of view. I am a lean, green, sustainable machine and shouldn’t fret about spending the funds gained by ads on green things.

    I still do think that the GreenTree project is a good cause, so I will donate 50% of the takings to this cause, and use the remainder for my own green projects in my local community with a little going to chicken feed!


  2. Anonymous says

    Tosh!!! I have never met a greener bloke You make us all look like a much paler shade of green by all of your efforts. A few chooks will help the enviroment no matter where they are especially when they are fed the green food that would otherwise go to land fill and supply your family with organic eggs and manure for the garden. Keep up the good work
    Love Mum

  3. says

    Gavin, I love your honesty and accountabilty (it is what I am trying to continually work towards on my green journey).

    Personally I don’t think buying chicken feed is being flamboyant in anyway my green friend. It is nice to think of your chickens running free and happy eating their feed!

    Thank you for your personal email about the subscription issue. It is all working and I have been able to subscribe now to your blog – thanks Gavin!

    Perhaps down the track I might pick your brain about the subject of ads on blogs as I face a similar concern.

    Good work Gavin – don’t be too hard on yourself. Guilt is not a fair emotion in this instance.


  4. Julie says

    You’re much too hard on yourself – you put a lot of effort into this site, and deserve to get something back from it. Plus, a few chooks is hardly a consumer binge! No-one could begrudge you a chicken or two :)

    I do prefer Google Adwords to other ads – they’re targeted, they don’t flash in my face, they’re just sitting there in case I want to look at them.

  5. says

    think of all the paper that would be floating around if you didnt have those little adds….mmmm

    Now go buy some chook food with your environmentally earned dollars.

    you are too hard on yourself sometimes Mate.

  6. says

    Thanks for the kind words Sharon.

    I do still feel a little bit guilty due to my anti-consumer values, but your words of wisdom have helped.

    You are right though. I have said many times “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and if I can’t start with myself, who can I convince to live a more sustainable lifestyle!

  7. says

    Gavin. You’re the last person I’d describe as a hypocrite. Whether your green cause is in your own back yard or in some other part of the world, it’s still green and you’re still doing something great for the environment and all who share it with you. As you’ve said so many times yourself (although maybe not in the same words), you have to be green in your own life in order for the world to become a better place for us all.

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