Adam’s Day to Shine

I am very proud of all my kids. Two are adults and the other two are still at school, and only one has a full time job and is independent. That is Adam, who I have described a few times as the muscles of the family. That is not to say that he is all brawn and no brains, far from it. He is a well rounded individual, with various interests that kind of mimic mine i.e. Sci-Fi, gardening, building stuff, trying to be energy efficient, beer etc.

Anyway, yesterday Adam was coming over to get a free lunch and help with some more construction of the chook house. Have a look at what he arrived on! A new bike.

He bought it yesterday morning from a local bike shop. He tells me that it is a Mongoose Hybrid and has road tyres and a mountain bike frame. Adams reason for buying it were;

  • To save on petrol for his car,
  • To use it to run errands to the shops,
  • To ride to his mates place when he has a few beers,
  • To be greener, and
  • Build up his strength for when we escort Phil on the first leg of his ride.
It cost him about $400, which I thought was excessive, but he likes it, and paid for it, so fair enough. If he cares for it, it should last him a very long time.

Son, some words of advice. Watch out for the other loonies on the road. Treat each parked car as a potential hazard and get that bike route map I talked about. There are some nice bike tracks around town that are a lot safer than the roads. And when you do have a few beers, you will find that you may have a bit of trouble riding it home. Balance is the first thing that goes after a few bevies. I know, I am talking from experience here!

Other than that, enjoy, and thanks for making your Dad a very proud man. You should start a blog. The title “The Greening of Adam” comes to mind!


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for your support all. I checked out Bicycle Victoria upon Phil’s recommendation. Its got a great list of good tracks around VIC that ill have to try out. i want to catch a train in and do the Capital City trail, looks exciting! Another reason to add to the list Dad is that unlike driving, when I’m riding i can take in the scenery on my bike, which is generally good since most bike paths are near rivers and or parks.

    @Lisa, thanks for sticking up for me lol. If your interested, this is the bike i got:|12

    If you check out the specs i think its great value for money.

    Kind Regards all, – Adam

  2. The Tin House says

    Gav, $400 for a hybrid that probably has an alloy frame (not steel) is a pretty good buy. He’s bought from a local supplier (even though the bike itself would be made in china) and that is a wonderful way of keeping money local.

    We’re in the process of buying our 8 year old a good bike. They’re cheap as chips at Big W/KMart/Target, but in the end (with two little brothers) you get what you pay for.

    Lisa x

  3. says

    Good on you Adam, yes you can still be pinched for DUI on a bike, training wheels are only proportional to the amount of beers consumed and Im glad to say its still free here in Vic to ride the train with the bike.

    Apart from that your health will improve you’ll save money and reduce your cabon footprint.

    You may consider a Bicycle Victoria membership later down the track, they have crash insurance. Thier rides are great too

    Well done
    Phil and Stacey

  4. says

    Great stuff! My husband and one of our sons ride their bikes all the time. The son drives his car to the bottom of the steep hill we live on and rides from there to parties, uni, shops anywhere. Husband does the same and is appalled that he is supposed to pay as much to take his bike on the train as for himself! So, he pays … and then.

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