I am the Eggman or The Dirty Dozen!

Well, it has been just over a week since the chooks arrived, and what a difference they have made to the place.

Big bum Bunty is the boss and owns the big perch in the run. Edwina is the most curious and just loves it when Butch the wonder dog puts his nose through the wire. Ginger is usually the first to lay each day and is the only one eating the pellets in the grain mix. Polly is cute and shy, is the smallest, and has not yet laid, but I reckon she is a few weeks younger than the rest. We love them all, and can’t believe that only a week has passed by. They have really made themselves at home. Butch has settled down around them and only gets flustered if Edwina gives him a peck.

Today was our first 3 egg day, so that takes the grand total since Tuesday (when they came on the lay) to 14 eggs, with most about 45g in weight. Not bad for the girls first week living it large at TGOG’s house. I mucked out their house and run on Saturday morning, and it took me a good hour to finish it. I took it real easy because I haven’t had much shovel action over the last year so didn’t want to upset the back too much. I did the run first before I let them out of their house for the day, and once clean and with the bedding refreshed, I took a 10 minute breather and then cleaned out their house. I put the straw and chook poo on the garden beds as mulch to stop the beds from drying out. The manure will certainly help the vegies grow! The house had too much fresh manure, so I put that lot in the compost bin to rot for a while. If I have to do this every week, like I do, then I am going to have to think of very inventive ways of using the soiled bedding. Maybe I can bag it and sell it as naturally fertilised mulch? What do you think, is there a market for that sort of thing?

Anyway, here is a picture of “The Dirty Dozen”, because Ben ate the first two in an omelette. Ben thinks that the eggs taste fantastic. I think I will have a few soft boiled eggs with soldiers for breakfast tomorrow! Yummy. Click on the photo to enlarge and you will see that we have written the laying date in pencil on each egg. That way we can keep track of them and eat the oldest first. The spotty egg was Bunty’s first effort. The eggs have all come out very clean, and I give them a quick rub with an old tea towel before popping it in the carton.

As Kate from Hills & Plains Seedsavers has often told me, ‘Get there quick, then take it slow!’. Right as ever Kate and sound advice for anyone on a sustainable journey.

Green Satire & Greenwash

I stumbled across this site via the feedback page of Greenfoot. The site is called “COyou2 – saving the planet, one breath at a time”. In my humble opinion, it has to be a very big piss take, and there is no such product! Here is a sample of the marketing blurb;

“The COyou2 patented technology works by filtering the air you breathe out, capturing the carbon in a convenient lightweight backpack.

As you breathe out into the tube, the carbon dioxide passes through a solution of ammonium nitrate and the reaction allows the carbon to be isolated. The carbon is then stored in exchangeable inner bags that can then be sequestered in any nearby location including your own backyard.”

It is very clever satire, and although I did not sign up for the supposed catalogue because I am wary of this kind of rubbish, it is obviously meant to suck people in. It must be used to either gain their email address for some ulterior motive (spam, direct marketing of some other product), or some time down the track, your name will appear on a list of very stupid people.

What clinched it for me was the little ad on the FAQs page for COyou2 Petz. What a crack up! I did a google search, and only found similar posts, similar to that one I found on Greenfoot. All targeted sites were sustainable living or green blogs and companies, via their comment pages.

I reckon the Romans had it right with the phrase, “Caveat emptor!” or in English, “Let the buyer beware!”

So, avoid greenwash where you can, but sometimes it is just not that obvious unless you dig a little deeper.


Bottled Water Is Unnecessary

I know, I know. Just about every man and their chook has done a post on bottled water, but the one thing remains and that is that I have not.

Here are a few eye opening facts. In 2006, according to the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Australians drank 250 million litres of bottled water, which took a massive 456,131 barrels of oil to package and created 60,000 tonnes of GHG through its production and transportation. That is a big waste of energy, non-renewable resources, and with the average bottle of water costing about A$2.50 per 600ml, that is approx 416 million bottles at a cost of A$1.04 billion.

Here is the kicker. I figured out that if all that bottled water was replaced with tap water instead (@ 88.335 cents for a thousand litres), which is perfectly drinkable in all Australian cities, then it would only have cost $220,837. Compared to $1.04 billion, that is quite a saving. So that means that 600ml of tap water would cost you $0.00053 plus the glass to drink it from. Now that is a deal and a half.

So next time when you are out at a restaurant, and ask for water, ask for tap instead. It probably won’t cost you a cent and you will be saving resources to boot. Instead of lining the pockets of a massive corporation, who are ripping you off to the max, you can help keep your city’s water infrastructure intact for the future.

Now for some cool movies: The first video quotes global figures and make you think.

This video just shows how rediculous drinking bottled water can be, and how some peoples perception of it is. It is titled “Tears of a Cloud” and made by dothegreenthing.com