I am the Eggman or The Dirty Dozen!


Well, it has been just over a week since the chooks arrived, and what a difference they have made to the place. Big bum Bunty is the boss and owns the big perch in the run. Edwina is the most curious and just loves it when Butch the wonder dog puts his nose through the wire. Ginger is usually the first to lay each day and is the only one eating the pellets in the grain mix. Polly is cute and   [Continue Reading …]

Green Satire & Greenwash


I stumbled across this site via the feedback page of Greenfoot. The site is called "COyou2 - saving the planet, one breath at a time". In my humble opinion, it has to be a very big piss take, and there is no such product! Here is a sample of the marketing blurb;“The COyou2 patented technology works by filtering the air you breathe out, capturing the carbon in a convenient lightweight backpack.   [Continue Reading …]

Bottled Water Is Unnecessary

I know, I know. Just about every man and their chook has done a post on bottled water, but the one thing remains and that is that I have not.Here are a few eye opening facts. In 2006, according to the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Australians drank 250 million litres of bottled water, which took a massive 456,131 barrels of oil to package and created 60,000 tonnes of GHG through   [Continue Reading …]

Peak Everything


In the past I have written about Peak Oil, Climate Change (Peak Carbon), and Peak Water, but there have been a two more 'peak moments' that I have left out. There are more historical peaks not far away, but I will focus on two for this post.Our civilisation will soon be suffering from Peak Finance, with the US leading the way. You may or may not have read in the media about how the financial   [Continue Reading …]

Two Egg Wednesday and other stuff

It is all fun and games at TGOG's suburban farm. One egg each from Ginger and Edwina, with Bunty and Polly yet to begin laying.A lazy day, up at 0630 to let the girls out, and start the day with a long read of G Magazine and a cup of organic chai. Did a little bit of gardening in the afternoon and cleared up half of the root vegetable bed ready to plant part of the spring vegetables. I pulled   [Continue Reading …]

It’s Very Eggsciting!


Our chooks have fallen into a very good routine, and so have I for that matter. I am on holidays this week, and get up at 0630 as normal. I go outside, check the chooks feed and water to make sure that they have enough and that it is clean. Then I open up the flap on their house and let them out. Out they come one by one, in pecking order. Bunty first, then Ginger, Edwina and Polly. Kim calls it   [Continue Reading …]

Chicken Day


I have been awake since 5am this morning, because today was the big day the I collected my chickens. I couldn't go back to sleep because I was so excited and have been all day.I started working alone on the coop at about 0630, just doing the finishing touches, all easy and not too taxing stuff. I had to make sure that everything was secure, I put on a little door with a catch to secure them in   [Continue Reading …]

Power Stats in the Black


For the second week in a row, we have made more electricity than we used. We had an excess of 3.2 kWh for the week. For those chart fans, here it is. Stats are the daily average for each measured week. Click to enlarge. I love it when the moving average trend line is below zero! It makes it all seem so worthwhile. I am suprised by the results, because of the fact that we have an extra person   [Continue Reading …]

Hypocritical but still an Anti-Consumerist

This may seem totally against my principles, which I think it is, but I received my first cheque from Google Ads on Tuesday for a small sum which was payment for Feb-July08. You will notice the Adsense ads on my sidebar, that I am not supposed to mention as per my agreement with them, however it is hard to remain silent in the light of me earning money from them. You see, they are pay per click,   [Continue Reading …]

Progress on the Chickens


Amy and I worked on the gate last night after work. It is a very simple frame that is supported by fence paling, made with materials that were off-cuts that were either given to me or scrounged. I fitted it tonight just after work. It was a bit of a pain, because the gate was square, however the frame was not. The right hand post was on a little bit of a lean, so I had to improvise and pack up   [Continue Reading …]

Chook House Weekend


This weekend was a busy one. As mentioned in the previous post, Adam gave up some of his time, and helped me with the continuing construction of the chicken house. He has been working out at the gym, so is going to put all of those hard earned muscles to good use. It has been a long journey, making this chook house, with the decision made in late April and construction starting in late May.   [Continue Reading …]

Adam’s Day to Shine


I am very proud of all my kids. Two are adults and the other two are still at school, and only one has a full time job and is independent. That is Adam, who I have described a few times as the muscles of the family. That is not to say that he is all brawn and no brains, far from it. He is a well rounded individual, with various interests that kind of mimic mine i.e. Sci-Fi, gardening, building   [Continue Reading …]

Carbon Positive Electricity


This week has been extra sunny, which is about normal for this time of the year, and we have been extra efficient with our power consumption. In fact, over the last three months we have managed to reduce our consumption nearly every week.Here is the graph, (you know I love a good graph) that depicts our electricity consumption for the past quarter. Brown for Grid (100% Green power Wind), Green   [Continue Reading …]

The (Water) Main Event


I was attempting to bush my teeth on Monday night, just be before retiring for the evening, and I went to fill up my little cup for the thrilling event. The water began to rise in the cup, oh so slowly, and then stopped all by itself. Now, I don't have automatic taps, so my first instinct was to check another tap, this time in the kitchen. Alas, no water. I then announced to those members of   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable House Day


I would love to be writing that my house is open to the public this weekend, 13-14 September 2007, for Sustainable House Day, however, not only did I miss the deadline for nomination, I didn't even realise such an event existed!Having checked out the map on the site, there are no houses within 30km of our town that are featured on the day, and none that I could see that have had a retrofit   [Continue Reading …]

Store Wars and the ways of the Farm

For those who read regularly, you will already know, however for those readers new to the blog, I am a big supporter of Organic farming techniques. I support it so much, that I practice organic methods in my vegetable patch. Not one drop of petro-chemical based fertiliser, pesticide, or herbicide has touched my garden since I started growing in May 2007. Not only have my crops been bountiful,   [Continue Reading …]