Just like the Tropics

The little plastic greenhouse is nice and toasty warm. Today when I checked it at lunch time is was a wonderful 27 degrees C! The normal outside temperature was 11 so there is a very big differential between the inside and outside air temperatures. So much so, that two of the six tomato plants I have in pots are already flowering. It is the first time I have seen anything like it. So far some tomato seedlings have sprouted in two weeks, and the broccoli has sprouted in just 9 days, so it is ideal conditions for germination. Everything else is yet to pop through, but should be up in the next few days or so.

Hopefully, the ground temp will start to heat up over the next few weeks before these tomatoes get too tall for their own good. If I have to remove them early because I will need the space, it will be like traveling from Darwin to Hobart in one day! I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I do have lots of seeds to put in the greenhouse this weekend, so it will be getting mighty full.

I checked the radishes yesterday and found a round one the size of an apple. They have been in the ground since Easter, and we have been eating them in salads every so often. They are close to going to seed, so I will have to find a recipe to do something major with them, very quickly. I also have a row of daikon radishes which have been very successful. They look like white carrots, but are quite different. A great spicy crunch, and they grow about 20 cm long. I let two go to seed and they have the most beautiful and delicate variegated pink and white flowers. They brighten up an otherwise green garden in the last month of winter.

Kim did think about making a rude photo, but I stopped her just in time. It would have been funny though. Let your imagination run wild, you know you want to!

The last of the chilies have been picked with most of them having dried on the bush. We picked a combination of jalapeno and birdseye chilies which I will string on a daisy chain and let dry properly. I think I will plant one jalapeno bush this year, just so that I can make my hot chili chutney. So wicked as a spread on fresh bread and butter, with a kick like a mule! Just the thing to warm you up on an otherwise chilly winters day.


  1. says

    @ phil, too right, where are all of Kims posts?

    @ Julie, I took your advice and hunted down the book. It is great, and would you belive that I had a $100 Myer gift card given to me over a year ago and Myer had it on sale for $99, so I bought it.! It is a great read, and is well worth the money. It is especially written for someone who has never cooked before, and I dare say I will get many fruitful years use out of it.

  2. Julie says

    I know you don’t buy many books, but it’s worth looking into getting something like Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion. It’s more like an encyclopedia you can look up whenever you need a recipe, organised by ingredient! Has saved my butt a few times when I’ve had a huge load of vegies to deal with and have run out of ideas. I hope to be using it for decades to come :)

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