Is it really about Saving the Planet?

Lets face it readers, it really isn’t about saving the planet, is it?

The planet Earth will be here long after we are all worm food, and will be doing fine a few billion years after that. Its about making the environment around us habitable for the human race for just a little bit longer, and in the process, attempting to stop us from destroying ourselves and the other species that share the big blue-green marble with us.

It is really a “Save Ourselves Emergency”. Our family tries to live a sustainable lifestyle, so that we can learn the skills for this emergency, and be safe in knowing that we can help others should the need arise. Just like the boy scouts motto “Be Prepared”. At the same time, we are trying to build a sense of community in our area, but without much luck at the moment, but have started to meet like minded people and make friends. All worthwhile endeavours take time.

Here is some comic relief about the very subject; just be aware that there is some strong language in the video clip, but it makes a lot of sense.


  1. Julie says

    As always, Carlin doesn’t break things to us gently :)

    I agree though – the planet will survive without us, but we won’t survive without the planet being in a state close to what we’re used to. People always say they’re worried about their kids’ future – I’m young enough to be worried about my own future, let alone that of any potential kids! Selfish, but true :)

  2. says

    I concur with everyones comments.

    The guys name is George Carlin, and he starred as Rufus in Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (long time ago now). Look him up on youtube. He has a lot to say about many different subjects. Here is his bio on Wikipedia.

  3. Anonymous says

    I gotta say Gavin that while that gentleman is funny, how profound are his words. The human race is arrogant if it thinks it can help something that doesn’t need our help. Lets just get on with wiping ourselves out so that Mother Earth can fix things her own way.
    I would dearly love to know that guys name. He hit the nail on the head. Must be a carpenter.

  4. says

    I’ve been saying for ages that the planet itself will survive without us – it’s the planet ability to sustain human life that we have to take care of.

    What does amaze me is the amount of damage we’ve managed to do in just 200 or so years.

  5. says

    We have done so much damage its not funny !!!!

    This guy is funny, he is taking the mickey out of the people that dont care, his turn the world upside down and give us another view attitude is clever.

    I can do the same, as much as I love and will try to save my planet and all its inhabitants, all said once Ive done that and Im gone… bury me upside down and park a bicycle in my bum.. See recycling at its best

  6. says

    For me, Gavin, it is about saving all the life on earth, not the humans in particular. In fact, I don’t care as much about the human race as about the other animals and the plants and beautiful environments that we are responsible for destroying. As far as I am concerned the humans deserve everything they get…but the rest is up to us to protect from ourselves.

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