What Ever Happened to Captain Planet?


I remember when my adult kids were knee high to a grasshopper, they used to love watching a TV show called Captain Planet and the Planeteers. I used to get up early in the mornings and watch it with them, and this was way before I ever turned a shade of green. I believed that it had a great plot every single show, and had a message at the end of the show about how to save energy, or stop pollution   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Is The New Sexy


Call me crazy, but I think that solar panels are a thing of beauty. That is especially on a brilliant sunny winters day like today. I often stand and stare at the 16 panels that are mounted on my carport roof (the above photo was taken about a week after the installation by my daughter), and admire the technological brilliance and the manufacturing effort that went into making them. My solar   [Continue Reading …]

Recycled Crafty Cards


I do not like throwing away old birthday cards etc, as they are very expensive to buy in the first place. I think its such a waste, so I have been hoarding them for many years, especially my sons birthday cards since his first birthday. It wasn't until I told a girlfriend the other week that I had to sort through Ben's boxes, which I keep all of the cute baby mementos in. I realized just how   [Continue Reading …]

It Doesn’t Rain, It Pours…


Awards are pretty cool when you get nominated as per my post yesterday, however I have also had the pleasure of being given an award by a someone who enjoys my daily ramblings about our sustainable lifestyle. This was just hours before the news.com.au green award nomination!A huge thanks goes to Sharon at "Finding Simplicity", who hails from the UK. I think that I found Sharon's blog a few days   [Continue Reading …]

National Tree Day


Well my heart was in the right place anyway. Amy drove me to the local Bunnings and we bought an Apricot tree for our front yard. We used to have a large mature apricot tree about 5 years ago, but because of the drought we are still having here, it died a slow death over a few years. Just not enough moisture in the ground for the mature tree to draw upon. So we are replacing it with a new carbon   [Continue Reading …]

Award Nomination Out of the Blue


I have just found out via a comment (thanks Lis), that my sneaky son Adam has nominated me for a News.com.au 2008 Green Award. It feels like a blog fest today, with Kim writing her first post and with us finally getting some more of the chook house finished, this award comes along. If you are new to my blog, welcome along and have a browse. If you would like to read about our sustainable journey   [Continue Reading …]

Coop de Ville


Yesterday, my muscles, Adam, turned up to mow the medium strip for me (the bit of grass between the footpath and road). After about a 10 minute job, he threw the grass clippings in the compost bin for me, and asked if there was anything else he could help me with. Well, never one to let a chance go by, I grabbed him and Amy and it was off to put the hen house into its final position. Adam added   [Continue Reading …]

Introducing Kim


Hi Everyone. I thought I had better introduce myself first as this is my first post on our blog. My name is Kim and I am Gavin's better half!! I am previously from the UK and have been living in Australia for just over 11 years now. I met Gavin whilst he was in the forces and serving in the UK for several months, well one thing led to another but thats another story!!! Having to follow in   [Continue Reading …]

Standby For An Exciting Development

Kim has decided to contribute to The Greening of Gavin, which is fantastic news. She is going to add a feminine touch to the content, with posts about craft, recycling, being frugal, and a woman's point of view about our sustainable lifestyle. I think it may get a bit hectic on the site when she catches the blogging bug. So, expect a post from her within the next few days, as it will take her a   [Continue Reading …]

Planet Earth Forever

My good friend and Chinese Medicine practitioner, Nelson, sent me through this video to share with all of you. I had a lump in my throat when I watched it. Once you have viewed it, you will realise why living a sustainable life is one of the most important things we can do for our wonderful blue marble that we call home! Thanks Nelson for the wonderful gift.   [Continue Reading …]

Humans Make Great Fertilizer


No, this is not a futuristic story about Soylent Green or how to bump off your enemies, bury them in the back yard and plant a tree over the grave. It is a post about a wonderful and natural fertilizer and soil improver that all mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians excrete on a daily basis. It is better known as wee, or pee, or urine, depending on what you want to call it.It contains lots   [Continue Reading …]

New Local Friends

Kim and I finally met up with Wombat064 who is a local guy who has been commenting and following my blog for a few months. Well, Wombat064 is actually nice bloke named Phil, who recently offered to help me out if things got really bad with my back. Well, things didn't get bad with my back, but Kim thought I needed a little social interaction so she encouraged me to give Phil a call. I left a   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Sailing

Two weeks ago, I met a lovely lady called Maeva, who at the time, worked for the same company a I do. Here is the email she sent me out of the blue;"Hi Gavin,I'm writing to you after reading your profile on the intranet. I hope you won't mind.My husband and I are also onto the sustainable living path. We spent 6 months living on our boat last year and so were able to control our impact on the   [Continue Reading …]

Doing The Best I Can

Over the weekend I have not been very active. I have had to stay in bed until lunch time for the last few days because of the pain, because just as I thought it was improving as per medical update 2, it all went to crap again. I have had to retire just after dinner most nights as well. Kim has been getting a bit depressed with my condition, and is worried about what the future holds. I have been   [Continue Reading …]

Climate Challenge Game


I stumbled across this thought provoking game whilst surfing the BBC website. It is a little bit like playing the Sims, but better, because you make the policies that help combat climate change.Give it a go, it was really fun to see if I could do better than politicians! Here is the link to the game.Enjoy. My score was Environment 95%, Wealth 11%, Popularity 96%. I found you had to spend up   [Continue Reading …]

Medical Update 2

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and timely advice on the last post. I really appreciate the friendship in the blogging community, and even though most readers are far away, it beats having no community at all and I know that readers all care about one another. It is a sense of camaraderie that I never expected when I began blogging! Pretty cool.My recovery from my last relapse has been   [Continue Reading …]

Medical update

I am sending this post via my iPod, so it won't be very long. Thanks to everyone who left coments on my last post, they lifted my spirits.My back and legs are slowly improving with bed rest and pain killers. My GP has given me the week off work. He says that the disc bulge may have gotten larger and is now pressing on the left nerve root as well as the right.The only thing that I can think of   [Continue Reading …]