Vegetable Deeds as Nature Intended

Yesterday morning, I transplanted some lettuce that I had been growing in a seedling bed into one of the larger raised beds. It was the bed that I had pulled all of the aphid infested broccoli out of.

It only took me about 30 minutes of kneeling, so it wasn’t very strenuous. I also found some other lettuce seedlings that had sprouted up between the stones in the path. The seeds must have blown there when I let a few of the summer lettuce go to seed, so I could collect it for next season. I thought that it was pretty cool, not having to plant things, and let nature do the work for me! So I gently moved the stones and managed to lift four seedlings with root system intact, and then replanted them in the same bed as the other seedlings. I also have some Tommy Toe tomato seedlings that self seeded in the citrus tree pots, and as they are well protected from frosts, they should be ready to transplant in September to start off an early crop. Nature is cool!

The slug infestation that were chewing through my Bok Choy has now ceased. I mixed some left over coffee grounds at a ratio of about 1 to 5 with rainwater and, using my 9 litre watering can, sprinkled it all around the plants. I have not seen a slug since. I repeated the procedure today, around the lettuce seedlings, so hopefully I will get the same result. The Bok Choy is pictured below with the Nasturtiums. You can see the nibbled bits on the older leaves.

I stopped work after this, as my back/legs were beginning to hurt. Kim then performed some cupping on my back, which helped greatly. Nelson taught us how to do it and provided the equipment for a small fee, and we are both pretty good at it (that is 2 plugs in 2 posts Nelson, I will have to charge you advertising space :-)). It is a simple and drug free way of relieving my symptoms, and helps Kim’s shoulder muscles when they are aching. I highly recommend it to anyone with regular aches and pains.


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    That was a whole lot of work you got in there. I did that once like gardening in my backyard when I just rented a house and years after I bought a 12 hectares of land. Then my little garden turned in to a farm :)i never expected that it would happen for all I knew that was just a dream.

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