Painful Bonus Update Post-Op

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement the other day, I really appreciated it. You can imagine that I was a bit nervous going into some thing like this, as anyone would be, especially with doctors waiving spinal needles around near the nerve roots that traverse down both your legs. The two doctors, one nurse, and two radiologists were all fantastic, and I would recommend the Royal Melbourne Hospital to anyone. Thanks to them all for getting me through the procedure, even though I could only thank one of the doctors personally, as the other one had to run off to the next procedure. Busy people these doctors. I got a bit panicky at the beginning, but the nurse saw that I was starting to freak out and reassuringly stroked my hand and held it during the worst part until the local anesthetic kicked in. Thank you Rhonda, I am forever in you debt for that kind gesture.

Well, it is now post-op and the prognosis is looking promising at the moment. I felt a bit wobbly after the op but Amy was on hand to help her old Dad out. I even managed to catch a tram from the hospital back to Melbourne Central station, and then the Met to North Melbourne and then V-Line, home to Melton West. I felt safe with Amy holding on to me. She was a tower of strength, as was Kim who was looking after Ben, who had a bad head cold! Kim was so relieved when I called her from the hospital (as was I), and I think that she was worrying the whole time I was being prodded, poor girl. Don’t worry darling, I am fine now.

I couldn’t sleep last night, but not from pain, but from the lack of it. I had a killer headache before going to bed, but I think that was just my brain trying to figure out where my legs went. What a weird thing the body is. I still feel a numbness in both legs but it is certainly something I can live with at the moment, and last night I managed to sit down for more than 20 minutes without buttock pain (I know, too much detail). Here I am now, up with the fairies at 0600, having sufficiently rested, which is something that I have not done since pre-injury. I believe that the last time I awoke this refreshed was the day I went to the Collingwood Childrens Farm!

So where to from here, I here you ask? Well, I have the day off today to recover, so I will be resting and watching movies all day. I will walk Ben to if he is better, and let Kim sleep in. She had a restless night as well. The doctors said that most of the pain should abate over the rest of this week, and that I should get pain relief for a few months, which will give the steroids time to reduce the inflammation around the disc area. I have another visit to my Neurosurgeon in six weeks time to see what the verdict is, and possibly another MRI to see what is happening. Other than that, it is wait and see, but at this rate, the wait and see will be a lot better than the previous 10 months.

So here’s to strong backs. The planet needs strong back bones right now!

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