Bag Overhaul

I wrote yesterday that the whole family has followed me down the rabbit hole, so here is a classic example.

Amy, my 19 year old daughter has been having trouble with her favourite bag that she takes to Uni, and everywhere else for that matter. The lining was going in it, and it was fraying around the edges. She started to loose things between the lining and the bag, so something had to be done.

Now, a normal 19 year old would have trotted off merrily down to one of the fashion houses and bought a new bag, but not my Amy. To her credit she took Kim’s sewing machine out of the cupboard (that had been gathering dust), and decided to fix the bag. She found another old reuseable shopping bag that was torn and converted that to the new lining. Here she is with the finished product.

Pretty cool, I thought, and it just goes to show that if you lead by a good example, others will follow. In my old life, I simply would have suggested that she bought a new one. Well done Amy! I am proud of you.


  1. says

    Yes, Amy, sorry about that.

    Kate, thanks. What can I say, I did my best with the kids as you have with yours. It is so great to be feeling a lot less pain as well.

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