Arctic Summer Ice Melt

If you thought that the Wilkins Ice shelf breaking off the coast of Antarctica was scary earlier this year, now some scientist are now predicting an ice free north pole, either this or next summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Have a look at the video.

That means that the planet will heat up even quicker because when the ice is present, it acts like a big mirror and reflects back sunlight and heat. This is what is known as the “Albedo effect” As the ice melts (as it is now), and the darker Arctic Ocean becomes visible, it absorbs more heat from sunlight, therefore accelerating the rate of warming at the north pole. This in turn creates climate chaos in the Northern Hemisphere, and consequently, in the Southern Hemisphere.

I told you it was scary!


  1. says

    Too scary for me Gavin – I am not even going to look at the video…actually I have seen it elsewhere and don’t want to see it again!…At least it is raining here and has been all night but we need it to rain for at a month to wet the dusty subsoil.

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