Arctic Summer Ice Melt

If you thought that the Wilkins Ice shelf breaking off the coast of Antarctica was scary earlier this year, now some scientist are now predicting an ice free north pole, either this or next summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Have a look at the video.That means that the planet will heat up even quicker because when the ice is present, it acts like a big mirror and reflects back sunlight and heat.   [Continue Reading …]

The Chook House


Finally, I have finished the living quarters for the not yet arrived chickens. I spent about 3 hours this afternoon putting the roof on, and made sure it was fairly draft proof. I will do the water proofing part tomorrow night as I ran out of time today. It has taken me about 5 weekends to get this far, as before the nerve block, I could only manage about an hour before the back pain kicked   [Continue Reading …]

Home Made Bread 2


Just a quick follow-up from yesterdays post. I made a hybrid loaf of wholemeal bread this morning, and it came out great. I think it could have risen a little more on the top, but otherwise it looks and smells great. I used the same recipe as I listed in the previous post, but instead of cutting it into 8 portions, I just put the dough into a well greased large loaf tin, and punched it down. I   [Continue Reading …]

Home Made Bread Rolls


I didn't want to write this post until we had perfected the recipe for our bread rolls, but now we have, here is the story.Last Wednesday, Kim thought about making some wholemeal bread rolls for lunch. She though of it because she notice that there was a dough making setting on the bread maker, and wanted to see if we could make our own rolls cheaper than buying them. Usually we would have   [Continue Reading …]

Australia’s Deceptive Kyoto Target

According to a media release (11 Dec 1997) by the United Nations Environment Programme, the Kyoto Protocol is defined as;"The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement under which industrialized countries will reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.2% compared to the year 1990 (but note that, compared to the emissions levels that would be expected by 2010 without the Protocol, this   [Continue Reading …]

Bring On a Low Carbon World


A low carbon global economy strikes me as a good thing, but I think that some just don't get it yet. I was reading this article in the Sydney Morning Herald titled "Bracing for the new, low carb economy"The article states;"Bankrupt power generators, regular blackouts, abandoned cement and steel factories, a 10c a litre jump in petrol prices, spiralling electricity bills and unaffordable air   [Continue Reading …]

Just Working Hard

Today, I slept in, which is a first for me for ages. Normally I am up with the fairies between 6-7 on a weekend, which some people would think abnormal. Me, I think to myself, why waste such a beautiful day off, when you only get two a week. However, I had been doing it so long, I couldn't remember what it was like to have a rest on a Sunday morning, so I did! Maybe it is because I can sleep   [Continue Reading …]

Winter Solstice, Finally


Finally the shortest day of the year has nearly past us by here in the Southern Hemisphere. That means that instead of the dreadful average 4 kWh of solar power I am generating per day for the last few weeks, it is onward and upward for the rest of the year. I have a 2.8 kWh grid tied PV system that sits on top of my carport, and it hasn't seen a full sunny day for what seams like ages. The   [Continue Reading …]

Constructive Feedback Welcome

Yesterday, I asked a blogging site to rate my blog at I really didn't know what to expect, but all I did know is that, not only do I put my heart and soul into everything I do, I also try to write interesting posts that help educate and entertain. I love it when I get comments, as they are one form of feedback, but I rarely get suggestions for making improvements. I was chuffed   [Continue Reading …]

Green Cleaning

Since our family started the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, our cleaning methods have changed towards more non-toxic products, that do less harm to us when we clean, and less harm to the environment as run-off.We started using grey water at the very beginning of the journey, so we needed to change our laundry powder to one that had no Phosphorous and no Sodium so that we could use   [Continue Reading …]

Reality Bites!


Adam, my 21 year old son, has just moved out of home again for the second time. He has moved to live with his girlfriend in Melton South, as her mum has just moved to Queensland to be with her sister. Life may have just become a little bit harder now that he has to pay his own bills!Anyway, I sent him an email at lunch time, to ask him to return a power board that he accidentally on purpose took   [Continue Reading …]

Painful Bonus Update Post-Op

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement the other day, I really appreciated it. You can imagine that I was a bit nervous going into some thing like this, as anyone would be, especially with doctors waiving spinal needles around near the nerve roots that traverse down both your legs. The two doctors, one nurse, and two radiologists were all fantastic, and I would recommend the Royal   [Continue Reading …]

Fighting Excessive Consumerism


Exaggerating to prove a point always strikes a chord with me, and especially so when it comes down to excessive consumerism. I have written a few posts about consumerism here. There is no better example of this than a well directed documentary, and I watched a pearler the other day. It was "What Would Jesus Buy?" featuring Reverend Billy, and the Church of Stop Shopping, directed by Morgan   [Continue Reading …]

Bag Overhaul


I wrote yesterday that the whole family has followed me down the rabbit hole, so here is a classic example.Amy, my 19 year old daughter has been having trouble with her favourite bag that she takes to Uni, and everywhere else for that matter. The lining was going in it, and it was fraying around the edges. She started to loose things between the lining and the bag, so something had to be done.Now,   [Continue Reading …]

100th Post


It seems like yesterday that I first started writing about my family's journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Since the 13th of February 2008, I have now written 100 entries on The Greening of Gavin. Boy, does it feel good to have accomplished so much in such a short space of time, and I still feel that our journey is still at the very beginning. Trying to live a sustainable lifestyle is   [Continue Reading …]

Vegetable Deeds as Nature Intended


Yesterday morning, I transplanted some lettuce that I had been growing in a seedling bed into one of the larger raised beds. It was the bed that I had pulled all of the aphid infested broccoli out of.It only took me about 30 minutes of kneeling, so it wasn't very strenuous. I also found some other lettuce seedlings that had sprouted up between the stones in the path. The seeds must have blown   [Continue Reading …]