After a long and hectic morning of medical appointments for a Workcover review, acupuncture, a visit to the pharmacy, and a fluvax shot (coz I missed the one at work), Kim and I decided to spend 30 minutes of our lunch hour looking around the Salvo’s and St Vinnies charity shops.

To my surprise, the Salvo’s was packed with people. It was great having a look through the clothes and bric-a-brac. Kim was looking for a costume for Ben. He is having a dress-up day at school, and has to go as anything Australian. He decided that Ned Kelly was pretty cool, so Ned it was. Kim was looking for a long black coat (but didn’t find one), and will make the rest of the costume from black cardboard. It will even have painted bullet holes in the cardboard armour!

I found a preserving jar, the type with the swing lid and wire arm. The rubber ring was in good condition and it cost me $3.75. A bargain, seeing I saw one exactly like it in Kmart for $15 the other day. I will now be able to pickle the rest of my jalapeno chillies.

Speaking of Kmart, as we went to line up for the checkout, an elderly gentleman remarked that it was just like the queues at Kmart, which are notoriously long at our store in Melton. Then an elderly lady piped up, and said “Rubbish, this place is far better than Kmart!”. Well love, I agree wholeheartedly. Not only were everyone in the store buying cheap, second-hand goods, that will get a loving home, they were unknowingly helping to save the planet, by reusing stuff that would normally be thrown into landfill. Now that really floats my boat!

Remember the 3R’s, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. If anything gets us out of this pickle, it will be those three things. I love charity shops!

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