Sustainable Living Group

Not a huge post today. I have been busy researching about how to start a community group in our local area, and what the process is. As the posts title suggests, Kim and I would like to start a Sustainable Living group in our shire, as we feel that an organisation of this type is missing in our local community. The purpose of the group would be to educate, promote and practice sustainable living in our shire. Sounds like a big challenge, and we are not sure of the level of interest in the shire. We are willing to start off informal, and if we get over 5 members, will think about creating an Incorporated Association, for legal purposes. I have read everything I can find and it looks pretty simple. For Victoria this site explains all the legal stuff.
The real fun will be meeting other like minded people and helping them along the journey towards sustainability. I will let you know how we get on. We are very excited about starting, so let the community spirit begin!

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