The End is not in sight!

Rumours about the demise of my blog have been greatly exaggerated!

I had a bad moment, and believe that freedom of speech is something that is alive and well in this great land of ours. I will say this however for those that are watching my blog for ulterior motives, rather than to learn about ways to save our planet, please keep reading, because it only gets better from here on in. I hope you learn lots of ways to change your behaviours!

Your green friend,



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    Thanks very much for the inspiration. Some days, this green blogger needs a lift when things get negative. As Kermit the frog said “It’s not easy being green” all the time.


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    I for one, am very glad you’ve decided to keep blogging Gavin :-) I’ve had a couple of “those” moments also, but ultimately there are (unfortunately) always going to be people who have something negative to say, and they tend to to be more vocal than those who are quietly inspired. Keep up the great work :-)

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