Being Green Doesn’t Cost The Earth

If you thought yesterdays post was a bit weird, this one is positively sane. The verdict is in! Our families contribution to lessening the effect of climate change has just taken a huge leap forward. I received my power bill today, and not only is it the lowest cost I have ever received for a quarterly bill, it is the lowest summer bill ever in the 8 years since we have been living here in Melton! Here are the summer electricity statistics for the last few years:

  1. Jan-Mar 04 – 3967 kWh = $604.32
  2. Jan-Mar 05 – 3678 kWh = $606.56
  3. Jan-Mar 06 – 3557 kWh = $587.64
  4. Jan-Mar 07 – 4290 kWh = $726.35
  5. Jan-Mar 08 – 609 kWh = $160.02
How fantastic is that result! Kim and I are over the moon with joy. It just goes to show you that, with energy efficiency and Solar PV, you can make a big difference to your CO2 emissions and energy needs. Remember, we have 6 humans, 1 dog, 1 fish (one died), and a pool pump living on our 779 sq metre suburban house block! That is a massive saving of $566.33 and 5.148 tonnes of CO2 compared to the same quarter last year. You can stick your brown coal where the sun doesn’t shine, Mr Power company, you!

Other than that, the other events of the day seam pale in comparison. But here I go anyway. Most of the broad beans are up now, and look great, as are the two variety of peas I planted. I will have to put the bamboo pyramids back up on Saturday, because now I know where all the seedlings are. Just before sunset, I planted some bok choy seeds to see what would happen and watered well. I love making stir fry’s so they will come in handy, as will the snow peas. The spinach is up now and growing well, and I think that the brown onions, spring onions and leeks have sprouted but I am still unsure. I used a fair bit of horse manure in that patch, so grass seeds have sprouted and I am not game to start weeding or mulching until the onions develop a bit more so I can tell the difference! There is no sign of the parsnips or beetroot seedlings yet, so I will wait another week before giving up hope. There are so many tomato seedlings appearing in the root vegetable plot because of the compost and the warm weather, I am not sure if they are beetroot. This is mainly because last year I planted seedlings and not seed, so I don’t know what they look like when just sprouted. Time will tell, as with all things in my garden.

I was listening to a podcast from The Environment Show whilst walking to school to pick up Ben this afternoon. It featured David Holmgrem who was the co-originator of Permaculture with Bill Mollison. David talks about reclaiming suburban backyards for food production. You can listen to it here. If you prefer a visual stimulus, I have added a video interview that is about the same concept of backyard’s providing us with most of our food needs. It is the path to the future, and I am glad and proud to be growing some of my families own food.


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